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 on: January 18, 2019, 03:45:56 AM 
Started by douhua2233 - Last post by douhua2233
The Dolphins need to plan for Dion Lewis for Week 1 At long last Miami Dolphins football is here http://www.authenticsmiamidolphins.com/cheap-daniel-kilgore-jersey , and the team opens the 2018 season at home against the Tennessee Titans. Miami has won two of the last three matchups since 2015, including a 16-10 win last year.The Titans include a bunch of new faces such as Harold Landry, Rashaan Evans, Malcolm Butler, offensive coordinator Matt LaFleur, head coach Mike Vrabel, and running back Dion Lewis.Last season, Lewis rushed for 890 yards and six touchdowns w hile also putting 214 yards and three touchdowns as a receiver. He took over as the starting back for the Patriots in the second half of the season, and non coincidentally that’s when he looked his best. Incredibly, as a runner Dion Lewis finished first in Football Outsiders’ Defense-adjusted Yards Above Replacement with 273 DYAR, and was also first in Pro Football Focus’ elusive rating thanks to 49 missed tackles and 3.17 yards after contact. For both stats Youth Reshad Jones Jersey , his means he was higher than guys like Todd Gurley, Le’Veon Bell, Kareem Hunt and Alvin Kamara. This doesn’t necessarily mean he’s a better player than anyone of those guys, but what it highlights is how high quality of a player he is.Dolphins fans should know. After all, Lewis shredded the Dolphins defense in week 12 last year for 112 rushing yards on 15 carries. Miami was able to better defend him in week 14—where he only had 17 yards on five carries, but he still added 50 receiving yards on five catches.While Corey Davis, Delanie Walker and Derrick Henry will likely have big roles on Sunday—as well they should—a close eye needs to be kept on Dion Lewis. gamepass.nfl.comDion Lewis is more than just a third down back, and it can be argued he’s a better player than Derrick Henry. While Lewis has had his issues with staying healthy, when he is on the field he’s a phenomenal, highly efficient talent.Of course, this clip is from the aforementioned week 12 matchup at New England. You can say Lewis is hard to tackle because he’s slippery Youth Mike Gesicki Jersey , but it’s also because he runs at a great pad level. His ability to wear defenses down combined with his quickness and speed make him a dangerous player in addition to one that’s fun to watch.gamepass.nfl.comAs you may have guessed, Lewis’ quickness is also lethal in the passing game. His performance against the Raiders was a turning point in the Patriots’ backfield last year, as he solidified his spot as the team’s starting back. Here, Lewis is running a simple route in the flat against zone coverage. He accelerates forward past the line of scrimmage before out-breaking on his route. Tom Brady throws to him and Lewis puts himself in a perfect position to get the first down and yards after the catch. As soon as he cradles the ball in his hands, he plants on his left foot, pushes backward, and drags his right foot away from the defensive back. From there, Lewis accelerates forward then cuts inside, diving head first for a phenomenal touchdown. Lewis definitely gets credit for his quickness and agility, but what’s so understated about him is how powerful he is for someone of his size (5 ft. 8, 195 lb.).gamepass.nfl.comAs soon as Lewis gets the ball on this play White Danny Amendola Jersey , he uses his quick vision to cut through a hole up the middle in a flash. He’s able to slip by a tackle—again running at a fine pad level—and then cutting the corner, where he then applies a vicious stiff arm on the safety Jordan Poyer. Obviously Lewis’ ability to quickly exploit gaps is noteworthy, but for someone of his size, the power he’s able to showcase on some of his runs is extremely impressive.Dion Lewis will be a big test for the Dolphins’ linebackers in the pass game. Lewis must be contained in the underneath game because that puts more pressure for Marcus Mariota to connect with the receiving corps, which—aside from Delanie Walker—have not had a lot of experience and remain unknown and unproven at this point. Matt LaFleur was part of a highly creative coaching staff in Atlanta and Los Angeles that prioritized heavily on his receiving backs, so you can bet he’ll do the same for Lewis.As a runner, Lewis is also really good, so the front is, of course, also put to the test. If Lewis can be defended as well as he was in week 14 last year, that puts more pressure on the skill players elsewhere to contribute. Expect option plays and creative route combinations to be part of LaFleur’s attack http://www.authenticsmiamidolphins.com/cheap-matt-haack-jersey , though, so it might be easier said than done. Either way, containing the talented Dion Lewis will put Miami one step closer to attempting to secure a home victory to start 1-0 on the year.Jets open as one point favorite versus Dolphins The New York Jets are starting a rookie quarterback tonight in their Week 1 contest against the Detroit Lions. They have not shown what they will be in 2018, but are currently a seven-point underdog for tonight.They do not remain underdogs long, however. In the initial Week 2 odds collected by OddsShark the Jets opened as a one-point favorite over the Miami Dolphins. Yes, the anti-love for the Dolphins around the national media and in the preseason predictions from Las Vegas have not changed after Miami beat the Tennessee Titans on Sunday 27-20. The Dolphins are underdogs to Sam Darnold and the Jets.It appears the line is already starting to move toward the Dolphins, sliding closer to a push right now than it is to staying with the Jets. If New York looks like a team with a rookie quarterback making his first career start against Detroit, I would expect this line to quickly move more towards Miami. If the Jets look decent, it will be interesting to see what happens with the line.Either way, the Dolphins should be able to match up well with the Jets in the first of their two annual meetings.

 on: January 18, 2019, 03:37:25 AM 
Started by douhua2233 - Last post by douhua2233
The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have a quarterback problem. Former first overall pick Jameis Winston lost his starting gig to Ryan Fitzpatrick while serving a three game suspension for off field transgressions. That benching didn’t last long however http://www.authenticscarolinapanthers.com/cheap-michael-palardy-jersey , as Winston came in for relief duty in his first game back during complete and utter beat down the Buccaneers took at the hands of the Chicago Bears.After the game, he was named the starter going forward. Winston made it less than three full games before head coach Dirk Koetter decided that soon-to-be 36 year old Ryan Fitzpatrick, on his seventh NFL team, was the better option at quarterback. Winston threw ten interceptions in his four games of work, enough to tie him for most in the league with Sam Darnold and Case Keenum, both of whom have played twice as many games as the embattled Bucs quarterback. His last performance featured four interceptions in less than three quarters of work, opening the door for Fitzpatrick to step in and work his magic. Last week, Fitzpatrick threw for 194 yards and two touchdowns in roughly 17 minutes of game time. The showing was reminiscent of the first three weeks of the season, during which the Harvard grad threw for over 1,230 yards and 12 touchdowns (fun fact: that extrapolates to a 6 Youth Luke Kuechly Jersey ,560 yard, 64 touchdown season). He is not without faults though, and that brings us to this week’s keys:Turnovers, turnovers, turnovers. Turnovers are fickle and somewhat random, so asking a team to force them is rather pointless. But they get special mention this week. Even during his magical early season run, Fitzpatrick turned the ball over four times in three games. This is also the same guy that has two five-plus interception games on his resume, one of just four players since 2000 to hold such a distinction. He will undoubtedly give the Panthers opportunities to take the ball away, and the Panthers need to capitalize. Play disciplined on the back end. The Buccaneers have completed ten passes of at least 40 yards, tied for the most in the NFL this season. Fitzpatrick is responsible for eight of those http://www.authenticscarolinapanthers.com/cheap-graham-gano-jersey , and half of those are to wide receiver DeSean Jackson. Donte Jackson should be tasked with the speedster while James Bradberry should draw the more physical Mike Evans. Eric Reid and Mike Adams need to be ready to help on both. Get off the field on third and fourth downs. The Buccaneers have converted 47% of their 3rd downs this season, fourth best in the league. They’ve also converted on all six of their 4th down tries. The defense needs to keep the Bucs behind the sticks on early downs to make those 3rd and 4th down stops easier. The Buccaneers offense has been one of the most explosive units in the league this season. They lead the NFL in yards per game and are seventh in scoring. The Bucs defense is terrible, so the Panthers defense doesn’t have to play a perfect game to keep the offense in the game. A few big plays on the defensive end should be enough to earn a win for the Panthers, even if the Bucs pick up yards and points along the way. This offseason, Bills wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin made headlines when he criticized his former teammate, Panthers quarterback Cam Newton. Now he may wish he could play with Newton again.Benjamin has started all four games for the Bills this season, but he has just seven catches for 92 yards. That would put him on pace for 28 catches and 368 yards for a full 16-game season.During the two full seasons Benjamin played in Carolina, he averaged 68 catches and 975 yards, but Benjamin said he didn’t think he was with a quarterback who could make the most of his talents.鈥淚 should鈥檝e just been drafted by somebody else. I should鈥檝e never went to Carolina,” Benjamin said. “Truly Michael Palardy Jersey , I just think Carolina was bad for me,鈥?Benjamin said. 鈥淚f you would鈥檝e put me with any other quarterback, let鈥檚 be real, you know what I鈥檓 saying? Any other accurate quarterback.”In Buffalo this season, Benjamin has played with two quarterbacks, Nathan Peterman and Josh Allen. And the result is Benjamin is on pace for the worst year of his career. He may wish he could play with a quarterback like Newton again.

 on: January 18, 2019, 03:27:12 AM 
Started by douhua2233 - Last post by douhua2233
Ravens keep QB Robert Griffin III on final 53-man roster After rumors swirled regarding Robert Griffin III either making the team or being traded Youth Za'Darius Smith Jersey , the Baltimore Ravens final 53-man roster includes him.There have been arguments both for and against this decision, but ultimately Ozzie Newsome, Eric DeCosta and the rest of the team believed he can contribute in some fashion.I personally like the move. I want Lamar Jackson off the field in 2018. I want the Ravens to do everything they can to develop Lamar into the star he can be. Without a doubt, Jackson has the highest ceiling of an NFL player I’ve ever seen. His physical traits are ludicrous and with the help of Griffin, Joe Flacco, James Urban and the rest of the Ravens, we could see another winning quarterback in Baltimore.Don’t forget this move to keep RGIII on the roster for now doesn’t mean there still couldn’t be a trade in the future. If somebody’s quarterback goes down the Ravens are on speed-dial with Griffin III. They are still wanting a pick at the right price.Also, I’m thrilled with the comeback story. He was tossed around in Washington after his coach failed him. He was thrown onto the scout team as a safety. He then joined the Cleveland Browns, where quarterbacks go to do the opposite of succeed. Finally, after a year away, he joined an organization who are known for their respect of both the player and the person. This is another step in the road for Robert and I’m excited to see #3 in Baltimore. The NFL has seen many rule changes in favor of the offense since Joe Flacco entered the league in 2008. Playing 10 seasons behind multiple offensive lines and against many top-tier defenders has given him some insight as to how the game has developed over the years. Despite being a quarterback — a position that has been protected a great deal by the NFL — Flacco believes that football is inherently a dangerous game. “Listen – this is football, man, Flacco said to reporters on Wednesday. “We all sign up to get hit, and we all sign up [knowing] that you might get hurt. That’s what makes this league a little different than any other professional sports league.”Players will feel the bumps and bruises over the course of an NFL season that others will not. Flacco knows this and due to the awareness of the rule changes in favor of the offense, he feels for the players on the other side of the ball. “We’re not really putting our life on the line, but every time we do go out there, we are putting our career on the line. That’s what makes football a little bit different. I think that’s what makes it interesting to watch.During his career Womens Lamar Jackson Jersey , Flacco has been sacked 322 times. He has played through injuries — some occurring during the season and a back injury during the 2017 offseason — he has had his knee rolled up on and been battered and beaten, but Flacco understands that it’s all part of the game that he plays.“It’s a violent sport; it’s meant to be that way,” said Flacco. “I definitely have feelings for those guys who are there, because not only are they penalizing people and affecting outcomes of games, but they’re also taking paychecks away from people, and they’re acting like it’s no big deal. It is a big deal. It’s a lot of money – for anybody. There are a lot of issues with it, I think.”Flacco has seen penalties go his way — others have not. He realizes that when playing football, one cannot search for yellow flags. A play must be made, whether or not the referees will toss a flag for roughing the passer, a defenseless receiver, pass interference, etc. “It’s very rarely – maybe when you’re looking for a call,” Flacco said. “You just don’t really think about it gametime. You’re just trying to execute the play and do all that stuff. I don’t have time to worry about whether they’re going to call a flag on me or not. That’s what my family is up in the stands for, I guess. I don’t know.”Aaron Doster-USA TODAY SportsIn his last game against the Cincinnati Bengals, Flacco was sacked four times. Each one of those sacks served as a debilitating blow to the offense. Playing in a division such as the AFC North takes a quarterback through all of the emotions and bodily harm that one would expect from some of the better defenses in the league. It also takes a certain kind of player to play in all sorts of weather — the rain, the sleet, the snow and the wind that comes with playing up north.“I think everybody who plays in this league has a certain toughness about them when they go take that field. Playing in this division for as long as I’ve had www.ravensauthorizedshops.com , up against the defenses that we get to go against week-in and week-out and dealing with all the different elements, I think it’s impossible to not gain an edge from that. We’ve played against hardnosed, tough teams every year, and it becomes a part of who you are a little bit.”After taking hits during the game on Thursday night, Flacco was able to get back up and make plays. Though he ended up going 32-for-55 passing with 375 yards, two touchdowns and two interceptions, the 33-year old continued to churn on. He didn’t end up with the outcome that he wanted, but his toughness and pride is something that is emblematic of many NFL quarterbacks.“I think every quarterback takes pride in being able to stand in the pocket and deliver when you’re under siege a little bit,” said Flacco. “You’re not going to be able to make a living of it week-in and week-out. But, that’s why you have those big guys up front for. They’re doing a great job. You understand that week to week, you’re going to go against guys that are really, really good at their position, and you’re going to have to do that.”Though he does believe in the grit that quarterbacks show on a regular basis, he doesn’t think they are anywhere close to being the most resilient player on the field. They are there to make plays when they are needed the most. “Quarterbacks – they’re the least tough guy on the field. Flacco said. “So, when you are given your chance twice a game, you better stand in there and make the throw.”Flacco’s durability will be tested against the Denver Broncos on Sunday when linebacker Von Miller and defensive end Bradley Chubb are chasing after him.

 on: January 17, 2019, 06:23:47 PM 
Started by charu8garg - Last post by jasson98
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 on: January 17, 2019, 06:46:07 AM 
Started by renudaskolkata@gmail.com - Last post by Garimachopra
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 on: January 17, 2019, 06:40:27 AM 
Started by renudaskolkata@gmail.com - Last post by Garimachopra
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 on: January 17, 2019, 04:05:03 AM 
Started by abicyhug - Last post by abicyhug
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 on: January 16, 2019, 08:00:12 PM 
Started by uferaxo - Last post by uferaxo
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 on: January 16, 2019, 03:51:12 AM 
Started by elaine95 - Last post by elaine95
DETROIT (AP) — Jeimer Candelario left the St. Louis Cardinals with a sinking feeling.Candelario connected on a 102 mph sinker from Cardinals reliever Jordan Hicks Matt Andriese Jersey , hitting a two-run homer in the ninth inning Friday night that gave the Detroit Tigers a 5-3 victory.“There are guys who throw a soft 100 mph fastball — you can see it coming and you can time it,” Tigers catcher James McCann said. “Hicks is throwing a hard 103. It is right on top of you, and it moves. It’s tough to make contact, and he barreled it up.”Hicks, who was facing his sixth batter, gave Candelario most of the credit.“I was sharp and I was trying to pound the strike zone,” he said. “He just got good wood on it and the ball left the yard. I can’t mourn a mistake. I just have to get better.”Candelario’s second career game-ending homer was made more special by the presence of his family.“This is a blast,” he said in a postgame television interview. “To do this http://www.raysfanproshop.com/authentic-c.-j.-cron-jersey , not just in front of the fans, but in front of my family.”Marcell Ozuna homered twice for St. Louis, which has lost four of six. The Cardinals hold a slim lead for the second NL wild-card spot.“I’m trying to be more aggressive,” Ozuna said. “When my shoulder was hurting, I couldn’t stay inside, but now I feel better and I can hit that pitch.”The Tigers won their third in a row.“That’s a lot of fun,” manager Ron Gardenhire said. “Those guys are in a pennant race and we’re not, but we stepped up and got a victory. Those are the moments you enjoy.”Hicks (3-4) retired the first five batters he faced Jesus Sucre Jersey , but rookie Victor Reyes slapped a 102 mph fastball to left with one out in the ninth, and Candelario hit his 18th homer on the next pitch.“Candy is still learning at this level, but he’s a strong young man,” Gardenhire said. “He has some tough at-bats, but he can also do that.”Detroit closer Shane Greene (3-6) worked a scoreless ninth.Tigers starter Daniel Norris allowed three runs on four hits and a walk in five innings. He struck out seven and gave up both of Ozuna’s homers.“I learned not to throw him a fastball over the plate,” he said.Norris was making his second start after missing four months with groin surgery and was starting at home for the first time since April 20.“It was great to be out there in front of our fans, wearing our white jerseys and feeling healthy,” he said. “It’s been a long road back.”Cardinals starter Austin Gomber gave up three runs on six hits and three walks in six-plus innings http://www.raysfanproshop.com/authentic-jonny-venters-jersey , striking out six.Ozuna led off the second with a home run, much to the delight of the large contingent of Cardinals fans. The Tigers made it 1-all in the bottom of the inning on Dawel Lugo’s RBI groundout.Ozuna connected for his 20th homer to begin the fourth. He also hit two home runs against Washington on Tuesday.The Cardinals took a 3-1 lead in the fifth when Kolten Wong doubled, took third when Norris balked and scored on Francisco Pena’s sacrifice fly.Gomber retired the first two batters in the bottom half, but Reyes beat out a bunt single and the Tigers loaded the bases on Candelario’s base hit and Goodrum’s walk. Nicholas Castellanos lined a tying, two-run single.TRAINER’S ROOMCardinals: C Yadier Molina is expected to miss the three-game series in Detroit with a hamstring injury.REYES KEEPS IMPROVINGReyes, a Rule 5 pick who had never played above Double-A ball before this season, was hitting .118 with no walks or extra-base hits after the first 25 games of his career. Since then, playing more regularly Matt Moore Jersey , he is batting .261 in 60 games and hit his first career homer last week in New York.“Once I gave him a chance, he’s worked hard to become a major league player, and we expect him to stay here next year,” Gardenhire said.THROWBACK WEEKENDThe Tigers are celebrating the 50th anniversary of their 1968 World Series win over the Cardinals during the weekend series. Five players from the 1968 team threw out first pitches on Friday, and a ceremony will be held before Saturday’s game.UP NEXTThe teams continue the series Saturday night. Matthew Boyd (9-12, 4.24) will start for the Tigers against Jack Flaherty (8-6, 2.83). Whichever team fails to win the NL West between the Arizona Diamondbacks and Los Angeles Dodgers might have something to say about it, but this series could wind up being a preview of the NL Wild Card Game.Then again http://www.diamondbacksfanproshop.com/authentic-alex-avila-jersey , these two squads could also walk away as division winners themselves. The Brewers trail the Cubs by just one contest in the NL Central, while the Braves trail the Phillies by 1.5 games in the NL East.At any rate, this series is plenty important for two teams looking to cement their place as postseason contenders.If the rotation order goes unchanged, the Brewers will throw standout rookie Freddy Peralta in the opener Friday at SunTrust Park against newly acquired Kevin Gausman, who will be making his home debut.Veterans Wade Miley and Julio Teheran are lined up for Game 2 on Saturday, with Chase Anderson and Sean Newcomb slated to square off in the finale Sunday.Just keep in mind as you watch that this may be a series we look back on in a couple of months for some context in the winner-takes-all Wild Card Game.All stats courtesy of Baseball Reference and FanGraphs unless otherwise noted.

 on: January 16, 2019, 03:41:13 AM 
Started by elaine95 - Last post by elaine95
SAN DIEGO (AP) — Hunter Pence isn’t slowing down even though his seven-year run with the San Francisco Giants — which includes two World Series titles — is coming to an end.The 35-year-old Pence homered http://www.oriolesfanproshop.com/authentic-joey-rickard-jersey , doubled and drove in three runs, and rookie Chris Shaw hit a go-ahead, two-run single in the eighth inning as the Giants rallied to beat San Diego 5-4 on Tuesday night, assuring that the rebuilding Padres will finish last in the NL West.Used mostly as a pinch-hitter this year, Pence made his 41st start of the season, in right field.“I try to enjoy and give everything I have every day,” Pence said. “It’s been pretty special. It’s been an incredible trip for me being part of the Giants organization for this long, and I’ve loved every bit of it. I’m going to continue to do so until it’s officially over.”His contract expires at the end of the season.“Nice game by Hunter. Good for him,” manager Bruce Bochy said. “He has a different role and he just keeps working, keeps himself ready. It’s good to see him have some success.”Pence said he’s “constantly working to get better. I’ve been working on a small adjustment and it’s starting to feel better, so I’m continuing to do that. I love to play. I love the game. It matters. It matters to all of us.”Shaw’s bases-loaded flare fell in just in front of diving left fielder Hunter Renfroe, and Nick Hundley and Brandon Crawford came racing home to give the Giants the lead. Craig Stammen (8-3) loaded the bases with no outs before getting Pence to ground into a force at home, but then gave up Shaw’s decisive hit.Pence had a big night otherwise, hitting a two-run homer in the second, his third, and adding an RBI double in the fourth to give the Giants a 3-2 lead.“It’s huge,” Giants starter Derek Holland said of Pence. “The guy brings a lot to the table. I know the fans know it. For him being here as long as he has, they’ve seen everything. He may not be playing every single day, but he’s going to bring everything he can to the table to help this team win. He’s got a great attitude. Very high competitor. I love what he does for this team. Whether he’s in the game or not, he’s going to give you everything, he’s going to be behind each guy, he’s going to help everybody Pedro Alvarez Jersey , keep them motivated. I think that’s huge for a guy like him. He’s a perfect teammate. A great teammate. He definitely deserves a lot more praise than he’s getting.”Freddy Galvis had four hits and scored twice for the Padres, who dropped to 60-92, one more loss than last year with 10 games to play. Ownership expected the team would improve from last season, when it finished 71-91, seven games better than San Francisco.Sam Dyson (4-3) pitched the seventh for the win. Will Smith worked the ninth to earn his 14th save, allowing Galvis’ one-out double before striking out rookie Franmil Reyes and Renfroe.Reyes gave the Padres a 4-3 lead on his two-run homer in the fifth off Holland that had to withstand a video review for potential fan interference. It was determined that a fan who went for the ball didn’t interfere with Shaw in left field. It was Reyes’ 16th and it came with pinch-hitter A.J. Ellis aboard on a leadoff walk.Reyes also hit an RBI single in the third and Renfroe had an RBI double in the first.“We’re thrilled we got Franmil,” Padres manager Andy Green said. “He looks so good. He’s become one of the success stories. Drafted by us, developed by us.“We’ve got a couple rookies this year doing extraordinary things in the National League, which you typically don’t see,” Green added. “Where he is right now, he’d be in a lot of conversations for Rookie of the Year. He’s played that well. Numbers just trending up every day. He’s had so many big hits for us. We’re definitely pleased he’s in a Padres uniform.”Holland allowed four runs and five hits in five innings. He struck out six and walked two.Padres rookie lefty Joey Lucchesi yielded three runs and seven hits in five innings. He struck out eight and walked one.“I always try to fight for my boys,” Lucchesi said.UP NEXTGiants: RHP Chris Stratton (10-9, 4.66 ERA) is scheduled to start the series finale Wednesday night. He’s coming off his first career shutout, 2-0 against Colorado.Padres: LHP Robbie Erlin (3-7, 4.27) is looking for better luck after tying his career high by losing four straight starts. LOS ANGELES (AP) — Chris Sale’s final pitch for this Boston juggernaut triggered a celebration on the Dodger Stadium infield, among thousands of fans who made their way to California — and even outside Fenway Park back home.The quest is complete. Yes, these 2018 Red Sox really are that great.A team to remember from top to bottom. A season to savor from start to finish.David Price proved his postseason mettle, Steve Pearce homered twice and Boston beat the Los Angeles Dodgers 5-1 on Sunday to finish off a one-sided World Series in five games.A tormented franchise during decades of despair before ending an 86-year championship drought in 2004, the Red Sox have become baseball’s team of the century with four titles in 15 seasons.“Seeing all these grown men over there, just acting like kids, that’s what it’s all about,” Price said after pitching three-hit ball into the eighth inning on short rest. “This is why I came to Boston.”After losing on opening day http://www.oriolesfanproshop.com/authentic-tim-beckham-jersey , Alex Cora’s team romped to a 17-2 start and a club-record 108 wins, then went 11-3 in the postseason, dispatching the 100-win New York Yankees and the 103-victory and defending champion Houston Astros in the playoffs. Cora, a player on Boston’s 2007 champions, became the first manager from Puerto Rico to win a title and just the fifth rookie skipper overall.“I don’t know where we stand in history and all that,” said Dave Dombrowski, the club’s president of baseball operations. “If somebody would say you’re going to win 119 games and lose 57, we’d never, ever fathom that.”Pearce hit a two-run homer on Clayton Kershaw’s sixth pitch. Solo homers by Mookie Betts in the sixth inning and J.D. Martinez in the seventh quieted the Los Angeles crowd. Pearce added a solo drive off Pedro Baez in the eighth, then was selected the Series MVP after the game.“Best feeling in my life,” Pearce said.Acquired in June from Toronto, Pearce had three homers and seven RBIs in the final 11 innings of the Series. Thousands of Boston fans remained on the first-base side of the stadium long after the final out, chanting “Let’s go Red Sox!” and singing “Sweet Caroline.”Of course, they let loose a few choice words about the rival Yankees, too.“I never knew there were so many Red Sox fans here,” Martinez said.Players’ families, many dressed in red, congregated on the field to join the celebration, some holding babies, some watching children run across the outfield in glee.“This is the greatest Red Sox team in history,” owner John Henry proclaimed after receiving the Series trophy.After losing to Houston in Game 7 last year by the same 5-1 score, the Dodgers became the first team ousted on its home field in consecutive World Series since the New York Giants by the New York Yankees at the Polo Grounds in 1936 and ’37. Los Angeles remains without a championship since 1988.“Ran up against a very good ballclub — and just a little bit too much for us Anthony Santander Jersey ,” said manager Dave Roberts, who played for Boston’s 2004 champions.Boston outscored the Dodgers 28-16 and had only a slightly better batting average at .222 to .180. But the Red Sox got timely hitting and won their ninth title, tying the Athletics for third-most behind the Yankees (27) and Cardinals (11).All that stood between the Red Sox and a sweep was an 18-inning loss in Game 3, the longest World Series game ever. They trailed 4-0 in the seventh inning of Game 4 when Sale rose from the dugout bench for a fiery, profane, motivational rant, and his teammates woke up in time to rally for a 9-6 win.Boston never trailed in Game 5.“I didn’t say anything that anyone didn’t know,” Sale explained. “Just rallying the troops and letting them know — we’re the best team on the planet, and to start playing like it.”The 33-year-old Price, a Cy Young Award winner in 2012, long pitched under an October shadow cast by his regular-season success. He had been 0-9 in 11 postseason starts before defeating Astros ace Justin Verlander in the clinching Game 5 of the AL Championship Series. The left-hander won his third straight start Sunday and became the first pitcher to beat Cy Young winners in the finale of an LCS and the World Series in the same year.“I’ve been through a lot in three years since I came here, but this is why I came,” said Price, who like Kershaw can opt out of his lucrative contract in the coming days and become a free agent.After allowing two runs over six innings to win Game 2 last Wednesday, Price got two outs in the ninth inning of Friday’s marathon game. He became the first to pitch into the eighth inning of a Series game on one day of rest since the Yankees’ Bob Turley in 1957.“All the haters, it’s time to be quiet and show the guy some respect,” Martinez said.Price gave up a home run to David Freese on his first pitch , then allowed just two more hits — the last a triple to Freese that Martinez lost in the third-inning twilight and allowed to drop behind him on the right field warning track. Price struck out five and walked two, retiring 14 in a row before a leadoff walk to Chris Taylor in the eighth ended his night after 89 pitches. He tapped his heart several times to Red Sox fans behind the first base dugout while walking to the bench.Joe Kelly struck out three straight pinch hitters and Sale, originally scheduled to start Game 5, fanned three more in the ninth. Sale ended by throwing a slider past a falling Manny Machado, a meager 4 for 22 (.182) in the Series http://www.oriolesfanproshop.com/authentic-brad-brach-jersey , and raised both arms. Boston catcher Christian Vazquez ran out to jump on him with glee, and teammates from the dugout and bullpens followed.While Price rewrote his own October legacy, Kershaw was unable to do the same as he fell to 1-4 with a 6.06 ERA in postseason elimination games. Plagued at times by an aching back, the 30-year-old lefty no longer is the dominant pitcher who won three Cy Young Awards, his famous 12-to-6 breaking ball now more 10 to 4:30.Kershaw allowed four runs and seven hits — three of them homers — in seven innings. He is 9-10 with a 4.32 ERA in 30 postseason appearances, a huge drop from his 153-69 record and 2.39 ERA during the regular season.“It just hurts worse when you make it all the way and get second place,” he said.Kershaw began aggressively, throwing strikes on his first six pitches, and the Red Sox were ready.Andrew Benintendi hit a one-out single and Pearce pulled a fastball over the middle of the plate and sent it 405 feet into the left-field pavilion.While the crowd of 54,367 was stunned, Freese woke up fans in the bottom half. He drove Price’s first pitch 402 feet to the opposite field and into the right field pavilion.Betts homered on a slider that stayed in the strike zone after going 0 for 13 in Los Angeles this weekend, the first postseason home run of his career coming in his 87th at-bat. Martinez homered in the seventh, driving a fastball to straightway center.By then, Red Sox fans had started planning for the April 9 home opener against Toronto, when the championship flag will be raised over Fenway after Boston opens with an 11-game trip out West.“It wasn’t as easy as what people think,” Cora said.STAY AHEADBoston went 7-1 on the road in the postseason and 10-0 overall when scoring first.I’M STILL HEREShortstop Xander Bogaerts was the only active player on the Red Sox from their 2013 championship team.SPEND IT TO MAKE ITBoston is the first team with the highest payroll to win the title since the 2009 Yankees.JUST LIKE LAST YEARCora celebrated on the same field where he earned a ring last year as the Astros’ bench coach.Visiting clubhouse manager Mitch Poole estimates he ordered 263 bottles of champagne for the Red Sox, at an estimated cost of $18,000.“The visiting team always pays the bill,” he said.

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