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Making Money / Gruden told reporters Wednesday.
« on: January 16, 2020, 04:55:45 AM »
She took little bites and she chewed very slow Womens Dwayne Haskins Jersey , Just like a good girl should..." />Skip to main contentclockmenumore-arrownoyesHorizontal - WhiteHogs Havena Washington Redskins communityLog In or Sign UpLog InSign UpFanpostsFanshotsSectionsRedskinsMastheadOddsShopCommunity GuidelinesStubHubMoreAll 322 blogs on Horizontal - WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections Looks Like Someone Has A Sixpack Of The MondaysDaily SlopRedskins RecapsEDTShareTweetShareShareSalary Cap Nuggets - No.4B: How are annual Player Costs and Unadjusted Salary Cap calculated?This series is called Salary Cap Nuggets because ‘nuggets’ is such an interesting word in English.It calls to mind chicken nuggets - tasty, bite sized and easy to eat.But it also calls to mind gold nuggets - small, but valuable.The salary cap is a product of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), which is a 301-page contract between the NFL Owners and the NFL Players Association.In these articles, I try to explore just one or two small parts of the NFL salary cap defined in the massive CBA.Hence, Salary Cap Nuggets - small, bite-sized, easy to digest, yet valuable information for NFL fans.The goal is to, one bite at a time, get a clear understanding of the salary cap.Click this link for handy access to all the Salary Cap NuggetsChicken & EggThis article focuses on two topics:Player CostsUnadjusted Salary CapIn calculating the Unadjusted Salary Cap, the first step is to calculate Player Cost, but this Nugget (#4B) only discusses Player Cost as an intermediate step in figuring out the Unadjusted Salary Cap, which is the real focus here.So, this nugget will first address Player Cost, but then move quickly to the real goal of understanding how to calculate the Unadjusted Salary Cap.As the authors of Crunching Numbers so eloquently put it: if there’s an unadjusted salary cap, then there must also be an adjusted salary cap.Deciding which one to talk about first in the Salary Cap Nuggets series is a bit of a chicken & egg situation, as understanding one involves understanding the other.I thought about writing one bigger “nugget” article talking about both adjusted and unadjusted, but decided that it went against the spirit of the series, so this article — which is pretty long anyway — will focus only on UNADJUSTED salary cap.However, I’ll try to address the difference between the two quickly and simply, and come back later and create hyperlinks after I write the ‘nugget’ about adjusted salary cap.For the moment, here’s my quick-and-dirty distinction:The unadjusted salary cap is the same number for every team in the league each season.It is really the starting point.This is the subject of today’s nugget.The adjusted salary cap is unique to each team.It includes any salary cap adjustments that apply to that team.The most familiar adjustment for most fans is probably ‘rollover’ of surplus cap from the previous season. Another adjustment can come from incentives earned (or not earned) by players, changing their actual cap hit from what was expected.I will cover adjusted salary cap in a different nugget in the future.The authors of Crunching Numbers explain the calculation of unadjusted salary cap on page 23 - 26:League RevenueThe process of calculating the unadjusted salary cap starts with defining sources of revenue, and how that revenue is to be shared between players and owners.This topic is discussed in detail in Nugget No. 4.Let’s start where Nugget #4 leaves off - with the three revenue buckets, and the proportions used for splitting the money between players and owners.Non-revenue components of the Salary Cap calculationNow let’s turn to one other component of the calculation for unadjusted salary cap, the Joint Contribution Credit.This component is NOT a revenue bucket — there are only three of those.Instead, this component is removed from the league-wide salary cap allocation before determining the salary cap amount for each team.JOINT CONTRIBUTION CREDIT The Joint Contribution Credit was discussed in detail in Nugget #2.We’ll look at it again, briefly, here.Again, read Nugget #2 for a more detailed discussion of the Joint Contribution CreditNow that we know all the components, It’s time to calculate the Player CostCALCULATING THE PLAYER COST (Which is not the same as Salary Cap)Wow. That’s easy!If everything is copacetic at this point, we can finish calculating the number we’re looking for: the unadjusted salary cap for each team.However, we can’t ignore that “if everything is copacetic” part.Protecting the players and owners: maximum and minimum levels for Player Costs See Dwayne Haskins Jersey White , there is protection written into the CBA to prevent the result of this calculation from giving some wildly unexpected number.Yeah, I’ll cover that one more time.Basically, the CBA says that, no matter what the result is from the Player Cost calculation given above, it can’t be less than 47% of revenue (to protect the players) and it can’t be more than 48.5% of revenue (to protect the owners).So, if the calculation comes in low (say, 45.85%) then it is automatically raised to 47% so the players don’t get ‘cheated’ by an unanticipated dramatic change in the revenue buckets.If, on the other hand, the calculation comes in high, (say, 50.22%) then it is automatically lowered to 48.5% so the owners don’t get ‘cheated’ by an unanticipated dramatic change in the revenue buckets.In short, the league-wide Player Cost is calculated according to the formula given above, but the result must be between 47% and 48.5% according to the CBA.A quick acknowledgement of the stadium creditWe will effectively ignore the stadium credit for the purposes of this Nugget by assuming it equals ‘zero’.We will deal with the question of Stadium Credits later in the series of articles.Let’s do a little “case study” to see how all this fits togetherExampleIn this example, the Total League Revenue from the three ‘buckets’ totals $13,000,000,000.The Total Joint Contribution in this example is $77m.The players’ contribution to that number is set at 47.5%, as explained in Nugget ,2# and comes to $36,575,000.The calculated (league-wide) Total Player Cost is $6,513,425,000, which is 50.1% of Total League Revenue.We know that the CBA limits the Player Cost to no more than 48.5% of Total League Revenue, which you can see from the calculation sets an upper limit of $6,305,000,000.So, the Player Cost is set to the maximum level allowed; that is, $6,305m.This represents the Player Cost for all 32 teams combined; it is a league-wide number.At this point, the Stadium Credit is applied. Since we have set it at zero dollars, there is no impact on our calculated Player Cost.But before the salary cap can be determined for each team Wes Martin Jersey , there are a few more steps to be taken.Getting from Player Cost to Salary CapWe discovered in Nugget #3 that Player Cost is broken down into two buckets: Salary Cap Player BenefitsRemember from high school algebra that if:Player Costs = Salary Cap + Player BenefitsthenSalary Cap = Player Costs - Player BenefitsWe have calculated total Player Costs of $6,305m.Our goal is to figure out Salary Cap, so the next step is to find the amount for Player Benefits so we can plug that number into our formula.The NFL probably keeps at least 100 accountants employed full time to figure out things like the dollar amount of Player Benefits.We’re gonna cheat and just assume an amount for Player Benefits of $750 million.When we apply our formula to figure out the league-wide salary cap, it will look like this:Player Costs - Player Benefits = Salary Cap$6,305,000,000 - 750,000,000 = 5,555,000,000In our example, the league wide numbers are:Player Costs: $6,305mPlayer Benefits: $750mSalary Cap: $5,555mand when we divide that final number by 32, we finally know what we set out to learn: the total unadjusted salary cap for each team.$5,555m / 32 = $175,593,750That is the number that the NFL, in our hypothetical example, would announce in press releases, and the number that would dominate NFL Twitter for a day.In our hypothetical example, with a starting point of $13 billion in total revenue, each team will be allowed the same unadjusted salary cap amount of $175,593,750.Player Costs = (55% x League Media) + (45% x NFL Ventures/Postseason) + (40% x Local Revenues) – (47.5% x Joint Contribution Credit) League-wide Salary Cap = Player Costs - Player BenefitsTeam salary cap = League-wide Salary Cap / 32 Washington coach Jay Gruden said Tuesday that Alex Smith was “recovering nicely” from his right leg injury. The quarterback, though, will have to wear his external fixator for at least another month, The fixator cast is the device that holds his broken bones in place.JP Finlay of NBCSportsWashington reports that Smith was walking around the facility Wednesday.The team recently tweeted pictures of Smith playing catch, so he apparently has been around the team during the offseason.Smith faces an uncertain future as he tries to recover from compound and spiral fractures of his right leg during a Nov. 18 game, as well as a post-surgical infection that added complications to an already serious injury.Washington traded for Case Keenum and drafted Dwayne Haskins and hopes to see the return of Colt McCoy from a fractured fibula that required three surgeries.

Making Money / On this show Jeff Hartman and Bryan Anthony
« on: January 16, 2020, 04:23:30 AM »
Receiver Antonio Brown is frustrated James Conner Jersey , and rightfully so. Caught in the gears of a system that has him serving an unpaid suspension while the NFL figures out whether to formally impose upon him an unpaid suspension, Brown feels at a visceral level that he’s being screwed. And, from time to time https://www.thesteelerslockerroom.com/authentic-terrell-edmunds-jersey , he lashes out.He lashed out earlier today with a profane tweet that included his latest vow to never play in the NFL again. On Thursday afternoon, he backtracked with a new tweet — and deleted the first one.“I’m just very frustrated right now with the false allegations and slander to my name,” Brown said on Twitter. “I love football and I miss it. I just want to play and I’m very emotional about that. I’m determined to make my way back to the NFL asap.”Brown is scheduled to meet with investigators next Thursday. Whoever prepares him for that meeting needs to prepare him to process the frustration he definitely will experience when pressed for details as to allegations made by the woman who has sued him for sexual assault and rape Womens Terrell Edmunds Jersey , especially since part of his rage comes from his belief that he’s being slandered. Investigators trained in spotting signs of dishonesty may interpret anger and frustration while being questioned as evidence of guilt.And that’s a basic reality that could make it difficult for Brown, even if he’s innocent. Some people are excellent liars. Others have a hard time communicating what ultimately is the truth. The worst outcome for Brown would be that he’s innocent but unable to set aside his rage long enough to say what needs to be said in order to ensure that a true and accurate story is told. As the Pittsburgh Steelers resume their October schedule with their Week 7 bye week, there’s still a surge of Steelers news — so it was time to get back on the airwaves and discuss the Black-and-gold.Take a look at the rundown for the latest episode of the BTSC podcast The Steelers Preview.  Davis break down all things Steelers leading up to this week’s game!Check out the rundown of the show:News and NotesInjuriesKey MatchupsFantasy PlayersWeek 7 AFC North predictionsand MUCH MORE!Jeff Hartman Womens James Conner Jersey , editor of BTSC, and Bryan Anthony Davis walk you through everything you need to know regarding the Black-and-gold.If you haven’t heard, we have a YouTube channel T. J. Watt Jersey White , and the main reason for this is to increase the sound quality on our shows. But if you’re a visual learner you can watch the show below. Be sure to subscribe to our channel!If you missed the live show, be sure to check out all episodes on the following platforms:Apple Users: CLICK HERESpotify: CLICK HEREGoogle Play: CLICK HEREIf you’re old-school and just want the audio, you can listen to it in the player below.

Making Money / Vegas oddsmakers see it and asked if they thought
« on: January 16, 2020, 03:42:33 AM »
Could there be a method to Raiders madness in waiting until last minute to sign Khalil Mack to extension? As the season creeps ever closer Bo Jackson Jersey , and Khalil Mack is still not in house, the questions get more and more frequent as to how this situation will resolve itself. If at all.The big question tends to be ‘Will Khalil Mack’s holdout go into the season?’ Most seem to think it will not. But no one really knows for sure. Mack’s leverage lies in the threat that it could.Even if he does report before the season begins, there is the question of whether that would be because he got the extension he wanted or despite not getting it. And if he reports without a new deal, will we then be looking at another holdout next offseason with an increasingly disgruntled player?And as much as the rest of the league is getting worked into a lather about the possibility they could land the best defensive player in the league on a trade, that scenario just seems too far-fetched to actually happen. The reports are that teams have offered as much as a first round pick and a high pick and Reggie McKenzie has turned them down.Ideally, of course, Mack would get his deal before the season, return to the team and remain with the Raiders for what would figure to be the rest of his career.Knowing that is what the Raiders want, it leads to the question of why have they not had negotiations since February and are now seemingly playing chicken with their best player?In the interest of giving the Raiders the benefit of the doubt here, I have a potential scenario.It’s very likely Khalil Mack’s people gave the Raiders their target number back in February. At that time, the Raiders either said they can’t do that, or alternately said they wanted to hold off and play things by ear. Knowing that missing time in the offseason for Mack is not a big deal, they were in no real rush.A few weeks later, Jon Gruden began furiously adding free agents. By the time he was done, there were some 25 new free agent signings. Most of them weren’t making a lot of money, but it all adds up.I have said all offseason that extensions, even big ones, such as Khalil Mack is seeking, don’t necessarily raise the cap number in the season upcoming. That’s because the extension hasn’t kicked in yet, so the team can decide what kind of money they want to count against the cap until then.Look at Aaron Rodgers’ 2018 cap number after having just signed a 4-year extension that averaged $34.5 million per season.The caveat here is we know Reggie McKenzie likes to front load his contracts as much as he can so as to limit kicking the can down the road and/or risking being saddled with dead money should he wish to release a player after a couple seasons. That won’t be so easy with Mack seeking a lot of guaranteed money but I see no reason why he would care about that. Does anyone really doubt that Mack with earn every penny he receives?Even though the Raiders may not have to raise Khalil’s cap number this season, they may want to because it will allow them to lower his cap hits in future seasons. Just as he did with Derek Carr, who will make $25 million this season and then have his salary go down each season after. They were able to do that by adding to his cap number on the final year of his rookie contract, before his extension kicked in.Let’s say the Raiders are looking to bring Mack’s cap number up from its current $13.8 million to right about what he is looking for on his yearly average. Let’s say $22 million. That’s what he was said to be asking this offseason and that’s about what Aaron Donald just received from the Rams.With some of the cuts the Raiders have made recently, they are sitting at $7.1 million in cap space according to Over the cap. The expected trade or release of Mario Edwards Jr would add another $1.3 million to that to put them at about $8.4 million. Add that to the $13.8 million Mack is making now and you have鈥?$22.2 million.There are a lot more cuts coming too, some of which currently count in the top 51, which means even more money available under the cap.Also consider that Khalil Mack doesn’t count against the roster until he reports. Not reporting until, say, two days after the cut down day (Monday) would allow the Raiders to keep a player for one more day after the initial frenzy of players get claimed off waivers, which might make it easier to stash them on the practice squad. In theory, of course. And Mack would be back just in time to start preparing for the season opener.Also, don’t discount the simple concept that deadlines spur actions. Both Mack and Aaron Donald were holding out seeking new deals. Donald got his record deal today on a 6-year https://www.raiderslockerroom.com/authentic-antonio-brown-jersey , $135 million deal with some $87 million guaranteed.I don’t think they were both staring down each other waiting for the other to make a move first, but you have to figure with Donald’s deal done, it sets the market which could be the trigger that sets Mack’s deal into motion. I don’t think either Mack or Donald were worrying about who signed last and thus leapfrogging the other to be the highest paid defender in the NFL. That’s the kind of stuff agents care about so they can attract new clients. And both agents will be able to make that claim, even if the title only lasts a few days. These players aren’t sitting around obsessing over being the richest in their sport. They’re football players, not the Wolf of Wall Street (I mean, Mychal Kendricks aside). They just want to get market value for their services as two of the top pass rushers in the league. That means surpassing previous highest paid defender, Von Miller. Donald blew Miller’s $19.5 million per season out of the water. Mack’s deal should do similar.This whole scenario has a lot of people sweating near the end, but that doesn’t necessarily mean things won’t come together at the 11th hour. It could. I am not predicting it will. Though my gut tells me one way or another, Khalil Mack will take the field for the season opener. For whatever that’s worth.Follow @LeviDamien Give the fans a number of expected wins and you can bet they will pick the over. They may not put money on it, but their optimism knows no rival. To test this, SB Nation put out FanPulse surveys to..." />Skip to main contentclockmenumore-arrownoyesHorizontal - WhiteSilver And Black Pridean Oakland Raiders communityLog In or Sign UpLog InSign UpFanpostsFanshotsRaidersOddsAboutMastheadCommunity GuidelinesStubHubMoreAll 322 blogs on Horizontal - WhiteFanposts Fanshots Raiders StoriesScheduleRosterStatsYahoo Raiders NewsYahoo Raiders Team PageYahoo Raiders ReportYahoo Raiders Depth ChartYahoo Raiders TransactionsYahoo Raiders PhotosOdds About Masthead Community Guidelines StubHub ✕Poll results: Raider Nation actually surprisingly grounded about over/under on Raiders win total for 2019New,106commentsPDTShareTweetShareSharePoll results: Raider Nation actually surprisingly grounded about over/under on Raiders win total for 2019Kirby Lee-USA TODAY SportsGive the fans a number of expected wins and you can bet they will pick the over. They may not put money on it, but their optimism knows no rival. To test this, SB Nation put out FanPulse surveys to fans of all 32 NFL teams with the over/under as  their team would go over, under, or push.The results showed that few teams’ fans are more realistic and/or grounded about their team’s outlook this season than Raider Nation.Don’t get me wrong, they were still strongly for the over — 72% of you said the Raiders would do better than the 6-win mark — but that is about as grounded as fans get.As for the other 28% of Raiders fans; 21% say push and 7% picked the under.Only seven teams’ fans had a lower percentage on the over than the Raiders. Only three of those had the line of 6 wins or fewer — the Cardinals (5), Giants (6), and Dolphins (5). Not surprisingly, all three made major quarterback additions during the draft.The other two teams to make QB changes in the first two rounds of the draft were Washington (Dwayne Haskins) and Denver (Drew Lock). Washington fans have them at 85% over the 6.5-point win total, while the notoriously delusional Broncos fanbase sits at 86% over the 7-win mark — easily the highest expectations of any team to pick up a quarterback in the first two rounds. For some perspective here, 11 teams’ fans are at 90% or higher picking the over and 17 have are at 80% or more. Only two teams’ fans have less than 50% on the over — the Giants (48%) and Dolphins (31%).Back in early April, when these lines first came out, I put out a piece detailing reasons both to bet the over and the under and asked readers to choose over, under, or push. The results were a little bit more on the over than the recent FanPulse, but still not unrealistic.At 79% for the over, that would still have Raiders fans in the bottom half of fans in the FanPulse survey. Call it cautiously optimistic. If you’d like to take part in future FanPulse surveys, you can opt in here.

Making Money / STOCK DOWNRG Ronald Leary has surpassed
« on: January 16, 2020, 02:41:27 AM »
ENGLEWOOD Womens Von Miller Jersey , Colo. (AP) — John Elway flew to Boston on Saturday to interview New England Patriots linebackers coach and defensive play caller Brian Flores about the Denver Broncos‘ head coaching vacancy.Flores, 37, also interviewed with the Browns, Packers and Dolphins about their openings.Flores, who played linebacker at Boston College, broke into the NFL in the Patriots’ scouting department in 2004 and moved onto Bill Belichick’s coaching staff in 2008.While there’s plenty of buzz about Flores, he brings caveats for Elway, who went with a novice head coach who had just a year’s coordinating experience when he hired Vance Joseph two years ago.Elway fired Joseph on Monday with an 11-21 mark, including 6-10 in 2018.And the previous time the Broncos hired a lieutenant from Belichick’s coaching three, it blew up in their faces. Josh McDaniels lasted less than two seasons and was fired in the wake of a videotape scandal and a 5-17 slide.A month later, Elway joined the front office and hired John Fox.Now, Elway’s looking for his fourth head coach in six seasons following his mutual split with Fox in 2015, Gary Kubiak’s stepping down for health reasons in 2017 and Joseph’s dismissal in 2019.Other candidates who have interviewed for the Broncos’ job this time around are Rams QBs coach Zac Taylor, ex-Colts head coach Chuck Pagano and Steelers O-line coach Mike Munchak.The Broncos plan to interview Bears defensive coordinator Vic Fangio on Monday in Chicago.The Broncos’ vacancy is one of eight head coach openings in the NFL but isn’t as glamorous as those in Green Bay, Cleveland or New York (Jets), where those teams already have their franchise quarterback in place.The Broncos’ QB carousel since Peyton Manning’s retirement has included four starters — Trevor Siemian, Brock Osweiler, Paxton Lynch and Case Keenum, who had a disappointing debut season in Denver after signing a two-year, $36 million deal last spring.Regardless of who Elway hires, star cornerback Chris Harris Jr. said he expects wholesale changes on the Broncos roster: “I see it as a big rebuild coming on. I see it as a tidal wave.”Harris said the Broncos can’t waste any more time running a flip-phone offense and old-school defense at a time when the league has adopted college concepts such as the read-pass option.“We’ve got to hurry up fast,” Harris said.That’s a sentiment Elway certainly agrees with, although he’s loath to use the term “rebuild.”Elway said he won’t lower his expectations with a first-year coach in 2019 https://www.broncoslockerroom.com/authentic-von-miller-jersey , insisting, “We’re not that far off.”Elway said he just needs to hire the right coach, give him the right staff and make the right draft picks and the Broncos can be back in the playoff mix this time next year.“That’s just the way I’m built,” Elway said. “At 58, the desire, the drive is there, it’s as great as it’s ever been. Like I said, the older I get, the more I dislike losing. I don’t know where that comes from. But it just adds more fuel to that fire. That’s why it’s a great challenge for me and the rest of our staff to get this thing straightened away.” Vic Fangio has settled on the right mix to restore Denver's defensive dominance even without pass rusher Bradley Chubb and cornerback Bryce Callahan.The Broncos (2-4) collected seven sacks and three takeaways for the first time since 1984 in their 16-0 win over Tennessee on Sunday, putting them in prime position to get back into the AFC West race Thursday night when they host the Kansas City Chiefs (4-2) and their ailing quarterback Patrick Mahomes.That seemed far-fetched two weeks ago when the Chiefs were rolling and the Broncos were reeling. The franchises' fortunes have flipped with KC losing twice at home and Denver ending four-game skids at home and on the road.Plugging in players at all three levels is what helped Fangio get his first wins.Up front, he put Mike Purcell at nose tackle and moved Shelby Harris to defensive end. He inserted inside linebacker Alexander Johnson into the lineup and he's collected 19 tackles, 1½ sacks, two QB hits and a forced fumble in his first two NFL starts.The Broncos' biggest bugaboo has been their secondary because Callahan, who signed a three-year, $21 million deal in free agency to follow Fangio to Denver, reinjured his surgically repaired foot in July and hasn't played since."It's been frustrating for everybody, including him," general manager John Elway said, adding he was unsure "if he'll be able to get back this year or not."Fortunately for Fangio, tone-setter Kareem Jackson is back from a sore hamstring and giving CB Davontae Harris his first NFL start Sunday was a spectacular success. Along with Chris Harris Jr. and Justin Simmons, Jackson played all 70 snaps.The Broncos claimed him off waivers from Cincinnati on Sept. 1."What's that saying? One man's trash is another man's treasure. You know, he didn't make Cincinnati's squad, so we're glad to have him https://www.broncoslockerroom.com/authentic-phillip-lindsay-jersey ," Fangio said.It was the secondary's sound play that Fangio credited with allowing Von Miller, DeMarcus Walker, Derek Wolfe, Shelby Harris and Johnson to get in on the sack party Sunday.Accordingly, it was the pass pressure that helped produce the trio of takeaways ."We're very excited in where we're at," Walker said. "We fought adversity in the beginning of the year and it's not like our first few losses were blowouts. We had a chance in every single loss. We knew that we were capable and we just had to keep working."WHAT'S WORKINGWalker had his first career multiple-sack game Sunday with a pair of takedowns on inside rushes, giving him a team-leading three sacks overall. "I was picked two for a reason," said Walker, who had one sack in each of his first two seasons and is finally showing everyone why Elway selected the former Florida State star and rare inside pass rusher in the second round of the 2017 NFL draft.WHAT NEEDS HELPThe offense. Since scoring TDs on their first two possessions at Los Angeles, the Broncos have reached the end zone just once in their last 22 drives, subtracting kneel-downs. Teams are doubling WR Courtland Sutton in the red zone and nobody's picked up the slack.STOCK UPThe RB tandem of Phillip Lindsay and Royce Freeman. Lindsay ran for 70 yards and the game's only TD and Freeman led the team with five catches for 42 yards to go with 34 yards rushing. Lindsay (544) and Freeman (429) are the only pair of running back teammates with at least 400 yards in 2019. grabby LT Garett Bolles for the team lead in penalties. Leary has two false starts to go with six holding calls — and that doesn't count his holding back of LG Dalton Risner, already the best O-lineman on the roster, from doing too many interviews lest the rookie get too much pub.INJUREDUnknown is the status of WR Emmanuel Sanders (knee) and RT Ja'Wuan James (knee).KEY NUMBER0 points. "Shutouts are hard to come by in this league," Fangio said. "We need somebody to do an analytics study about how often they do come." OK, there's about seven in a season of 256 games, or 2.7% of the time. Intriguingly, Fangio worked 32 seasons as an NFL assistant and his teams posted 14 shutouts in 512 games, exactly the league average.NEXT STEPSThe Broncos need to keep their ground game rolling Thursday night, not only to keep Mahomes & Co. off the field but to capitalize on KC's biggest weakness . Over their last four games, the Chiefs have allowed an average of 190 yards a game and 4.97 yards a carry. They've also allowed eight rushing TDs in those games.Follow Arnie Melendrez Stapleton on Twitter: http://twitter.com/arniestapleton

Making Money / Cohen immediately apologized to Long and informe
« on: January 07, 2020, 06:51:31 AM »
The player who shot the video isn’t laughing Dwayne Haskins Redskins Jersey , but the player who appeared nude on the internet is. Running back Tarik Cohen said it “wasn’t a comedy thing for me” when his Instagram Live from the locker room Monday night featured guard Kyle Long in the background sans clothes.“Embarrassing?” Long joked, via Jason Lieser of the . “Em-bare-ass-ing!”Cohen found out what he had done when friends began texting him. d coach Matt Nagy what he had done. Long was unfazed.“Had I known that I would be full nude on the internet, I probably would have prepared a little bit more,” Long said. “But moving forward, you live and you learn. “[Cohen] texted me immediately. ‘I’m so sorry.’ I said, ‘Dude, it’s OK. S—- happens.’ What are you gonna do? The plane ride home was comedy club, as you can imagine.”Cohen admits he “shouldn’t have been on social media in the locker room” in violation of NFL rules. But a league spokesman told Lieser that punishment for a violation of the rule is up to the club and not the NFL.“I was trying to go shower, then next thing you know you’re on the internet,” Long said. “It was unfortunate, but we’re moving forward. . . .I’m glad it happened after a win, so people are in a good mood https://www.theredskinslockerroom.com/authentic-dwayne-haskins-jersey , so they’re not making fun of me for my play and my whatever.” The NFL schedule will be released at 8pm tonight."The NFL will officially release their 2019 schedule tonight at 8pm, but the leaks are coming in from various sources to help us piece together the Redskins schedule early. Hogs Haven will have analysis, predictions, and more after the official schedule is released, but for now we wait.NFL Schedule 2019 Release InfoRelease Time: 8:00 PM EST (Wednesday, April 17, 2017)TV Schedule: ESPN, ESPN2, NFL NetworkOnline Stream: FuboTVRedskins Schedule LeaksWeek 1 @Philadelphia EaglesWeek 2 Dallas CowboysWeek 3Chicago Bears(Monday Night Football)Week 4 @ New York GiantsWeek 5 vs New England PatriotsWeek 6 @ Miami DolphinsWeek 7 vs San Francisco 49ers Week 8 @ Minnesota Vikings(Thursday Night Football)Week 9 @Buffalo BillsWeek 10 BYEWeek 11 vs New York JetsWeek 12 vs Detroit LionsWeek 13 @ Carolina PanthersWeek 14 @ Green Bay PackersWeek 15 vs Philadelphia EaglesWeek 16 vs New York GiantsWeek 17 @ Dallas CowboysRedskins will not play on Thanksgiving this year:Redskins open the season playing the Eagles in Philadelphia:Redskins host the Patriots Week 5:Redskins host the Jets Week 11:Redskins visit Giants Week 4, and host them Week 16:Redskins expected to play Cowboys Week 17 to finish seasonBears at Redskins Week 3 on Monday Night Football:Redskins at Packers Week 14:Redskins home opener Week 2 vs the Cowboys:Redskins visit Dolphins Week 6:Redskins visit Vikings Week 8 for Thursday Night Football:Full schedule leaked: Redskins 2019 Opponents: Redskins 2019 OpponentsHome Away Redskins 2019 preseason schedule.Week 1 - at Cleveland Browns — August 8-12Week 2 - vs. Cincinnati Bengals — August 15-19Week 3 - at Atlanta Falcons — August 22-25Week 4 - vs. Baltimore Ravens — August 29

Making Money / The Steelers are such a close knit organization
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The Steelers announced on Monday that quarterback Ben Roethlisberger will miss the rest of the regular season after an MRI taken on Sunday night determined he needs elbow surgery.Roethlisberger grabbed his right elbow after throwing a pass against the Seahawks in the second quarter of the game in what was the biggest outward sign of trouble before the team announced Mason Rudolph would be taking over. It appears that the team wasn’t taken totally by surprise by an elbow problem https://www.thesteelerslockerroom.com/authentic-terrell-edmunds-jersey , however.Rudolph said on Monday, via multiple reporters, that he first heard about Roethisberger feeling discomfort in his elbow after the team’s loss to the Patriots in Week One. Roethlisberger did not practice last Wednesday, although the team’s injury report said that the reason was veteran rest rather than an elbow issue.The league may look into that bit of injury reporting given what Rudolph had to say on Monday Womens Terrell Edmunds Jersey , but the end result for the Steelers is going to be the same whether they get a slap on the wrist or not. Las Vegas just released odds on the team to be on HBO’s Hard Knocks. Would you ever want to see the Steelers on the show?"WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections Latest NewsSteelers Film Room2018 NFL Draft AnalysisLatest NewsLatest NewsWould you ever want the Pittsburgh Steelers to be debuted on HBO’s Hard Knocks?New,43commentsLas Vegas just released odds on the team to be on HBO’s Hard Knocks. Would you ever want to see the Steelers on the show?EDTShareTweetShareShareWould you ever want the Pittsburgh Steelers to be debuted on HBO’s Hard Knocks?Kirby Lee-USA TODAY SportsThe sports books in Las Vegas put odds on everything sports related. And I mean everything. Most recently, the Sports Book BetOnline.ag has put odds on which NFL team will be placed on the wildly popular HBO show “Hard Knocks” during training camp for the 2019 season.Take a look at the odds:Hard Knocks 2019 - Team FeaturedWashington Redskins 5/4 Oakland Raiders 5/2 New York Giants3/1 Detroit Lions7/2 San Francisco 49ers 9/1 In case you didn’t know, there is actually a criteria for who can Womens James Conner Jersey , and cannot, be placed on the HBO series, and those teams who cannot participate have to possess one of the following:1) They have a first-year head coach in place 2) They have a playoff berth in the past two seasons 3) They have appeared on Hard Knocks in the past 10 yearsWhen you look at this criteria, clearly the Pittsburgh Steelers are not eligible to be on the show in 2019 T. J. Watt Jersey White , but if they don’t make the postseason this year they would be a team who could host the behind the scenes show in 2020.At this point, I want to know whether the fans of the black-and-gold would actually like to see the Steelers on the popular show, or if they would dread the attention and potential drama?, getting behind some of those closed doors would certainly be fun to watch Terrell Edmunds Jersey White , but at the same time you do have to wonder if there are ramifications of having cameras in players’ faces all day every day.So, what do you think? Obviously we all hope the Steelers make the playoffs this year and make this a moot point, but if the criteria were to change, or the Steelers became eligible Womens JuJu Smith-Schuster Jersey , would you want to see them on Hard Knocks? Vote in the poll below, and be sure to explain yourself in the comment section below!

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Raiders coach Jon Gruden says that if wide receiver Antonio Brown isn’t with the team Womens Derek Carr Jersey , they’ll manage.Gruden wouldn’t say much about Brown today but did note that the Raiders’ offense already has plenty of experience working without Brown, who missed much of training camp with frostbitten feet and his helmet fiasco. Today Brown is once again away from the team after an altercation with General Manager Mike Mayock.“We have been practicing without him and preparing to play. No matter who’s injured, you have to adapt. Unfortunately we had to adapt today, but we’re very excited about our receiving corps,” Gruden said.Gruden wouldn’t explain precisely what happened with Brown, but hinted that the Raiders will have something to say about it soon.“I’m not gonna get into any of that stuff right now. We’ll have an official announcement later,” Gruden said. “I’m not going to get into all of it. Obviously he wasn’t here to day. When we have some information for you, we’ll get it to you.”Gruden appeared to be getting tired of reporters continuing to ask him about Brown.“He’s not here today. When we have an opportunity to get you some more information we will,” Gruden said.Gruden also indicated that the Raiders are trying to do everything by the book with Brown Womens Antonio Brown Jersey , which may suggest that the team is making sure it dots all its i’s and crosses all its t’s in issuing a suspension.“We’re still getting to the bottom of everything,” Gruden said. “We’ll get you the information on Antonio when we have it official and correct and right. I don’t want to speculate about anything. Can’t do it.”Gruden doesn’t want to speculate, but everyone else is free to speculate that he may have decided he’s done dealing with Brown. Greetings, Raider Nation! Welcome to the second game of the 2019 preseason, in which the Oakland Raiders will take on the Arizona Cardinals in Glendale. The Raiders had a dominant performance in..." />Skip to main contentclockmenumore-arrownoyesSilver And Black Pride homepageHorizontal - WhiteSilver And Black Pridean Oakland Raiders communityFollow Silver And Black Pride online:Follow Silver And Black Pride on TwitterFollow Silver And Black Pride on FacebookLog in or sign upLog InSign UpSite searchSearchSearchSilver And Black Pride main menuFanpostsFanshotsRaidersOddsAboutMastheadCommunity GuidelinesStubHubMoreAll 321 blogs on Horizontal - WhiteFanposts Fanshots Raiders StoriesScheduleRosterStatsYahoo Raiders NewsYahoo Raiders Team PageYahoo Raiders ReportYahoo Raiders Depth ChartYahoo Raiders TransactionsYahoo Raiders PhotosOdds About Masthead Community Guidelines StubHub ✕Raiders vs. Cardinals Preseason Week 2 game time open threadNew,471commentsPDTShare this storyShare this on FacebookShare this on TwitterShareAll sharing optionsShareAll sharing options for:Raiders vs. Cardinals Preseason Week 2 game time open threadTwitterFacebookRedditPocketFlipboardEmailPhoto by Rob Leiter/Getty ImagesGreetings, Raider Nation! Welcome to the second game of the 2019 preseason, in which the Oakland Raiders will take on the Arizona Cardinals in Glendale. The Raiders had a dominant performance in their first preseason game against the Rams, and will look to keep the momentum going as the starters should get some playing time tonight.Oakland will have its hands full with a Cardinals offense led by RB David Johnson and first overall pick quarterback Kyler Murray Antonio Brown Jersey White , the reigning Heisman Trophy winner. Murray looked dangerous in limited time last week and he’ll test the young Raider defense tonight.We’ll also get a look at Derek Carr’s rapport with his starting receivers as well as Josh Jacobs in his first pro game action. Enjoy the game!Who: Oakland Raiders vs Arizona CardinalsWhat:  Glendale AZWhen: Saturday, August 15, 5:00 pm Pacific (8pm ET)TV: ESPN, Local broadcasts in Bay Area on KTVU-2/KICU-36, Las Vegas on KVVU, Sacramento on KCRA My 58, Los Angeles on KTLA 5 (Los Angeles), and Hawaii on KHON 2ESPN announcers: Joe Tessitore Bo Jackson Jersey White , Booger Mcfarland, Lisa Salters (sideline)Local broadcast announcers: Beth Mowins, Rich Gannon, Matt MillenRadio: 740 KCBSRadio announcers: Brent Musburger, Lincoln Kennedy, Chris TownsendOnline streaming: NFL Game Pass. Listen on Raiders mobile app or with this direct link

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DENVER (AP)This was the way the Denver Broncos thought they’d play against that other New York team all those months ago. ”This is the kind of game we expected to play against everyone Phillip Lindsay Jersey White , not just New York,” Shane Ray said after the Broncos snapped their longest losing streak since joining the NFL in 1970 with a 23-0 shutout of the Jets on Sunday. ”Everybody that we play, we should beat them like this. Period. We just haven’t been able to find that formula.” Until Sunday.Article continues below ... Their skid began with a shocking 23-10 loss at home to the then-winless Giants, one of seven double-digit losses during a losing streak that cost offensive coordinator Mike McCoy his job and put rookie head coach Vance Joseph on the hot seat. It was the Broncos’ first win in 70 days. ”It feels like 100 years,” declared quarterback Trevor Siemian, who hooked up with Demaryius Thomas eight times for 93 yards and a touchdown as the Broncos (4-9) avoided tying their franchise futility record of nine consecutive losses set way back in 1967. The all-round dominance left Joseph wondering where that team had been. ”Somewhat, but we knew if we played clean football, it could look like that,” Joseph said. ”… Our defense can be a difference if we’re in the football game.” Of the 480 minutes of game clocking during their eight-game losing streak, the Broncos had led a mere 12 minutes, 36 seconds and they came into the game with 16 more turnovers than takeaways. They were plus-2 Sunday. The Broncos’ first shutout since Nov. 20, 2005 Womens Phillip Lindsay Jersey , a 27-0 win over the Jets, was fueled by a defense that held the Jets in check all afternoon. Coming off a big win over the Chiefs in which they scored 38 points and had over 500 yards of offense, the Jets (5-8) were limited to just 100 yards – 59 on the ground and 41 through the air – by a defense missing injured linemen Domata Peko and Derek Wolfe. Jets quarterback Josh McCown was knocked from the game twice by hard hits, including a clean shot by Ray in the third quarter that left McCown with a broken left hand and fighting back tears at the postgame podium. McCown finished just 6 of 12 for 46 yards, and his replacement, Bryce Petty was 2 of 9 for 14 yards. After Denver’s opening drive resulted in a 31-yard field goal by Brandon McManus, Denver’s defense took over. On the Jets’ third snap of their first possession, linebacker Brandon Marshall sliced through for a strip sack and defensive end Adam Gotsis recovered McCown’s fumble at the Jets 20-yard line. Two plays later, Siemian hit Thomas for the 20-yard score, giving Denver its first double-digit lead since Oct. 1 against Oakland, the date of their last victory. McManus added a 53-yarder just before halftime that gave the Broncos a 13-0 lead heading into the locker room, and fullback Andy Janovich bulled his way in from the 1 to make it 20-0 before McManus capped the scoring with a 40-yard field goal. ”I don’t know what happened John Elway Jersey White ,” Jets tight end Austin Seferian-Jenkins said after catching just one pass for a single yard. ”This week, we were the worst offense. We played terrible. We didn’t do our jobs. It was embarrassing, frustrating and it’s on all of us. I don’t know what to say.” Down the hallway, the Broncos finally had something to celebrate. ”It’s been a long time coming,” Aqib Talib said. ”We were due for a win. We ain’t THAT bad.” MOVIN’ ON UP: Thomas’ TD catch was the 56th of his career, surpassing Hall of Fame tight end Shannon Sharpe for second in franchise history. Wide receiver Rod Smith’s 68 TD receptions are the most all-time. ”I challenged our guys last night, all of our team leaders to play better football. And he came out and he played inspired football,” Joseph said of Thomas, who received a game ball, as did the entire defense. TERRIFIC TAYLOR: The Broncos finally benched rookie punt returner Isaiah McKenzie for good after he returned from his first benching last week only to fumble for the sixth time, this one for a safety in a loss at Miami. So, they went back to Jordan Taylor Womens Royce Freeman Jersey , who had done nothing wrong for two weeks to get supplanted by McKenzie, and he rewarded them by returning five punts for 62 yards Sunday, an average of 12.4 yards. That helped give the Broncos great field position all afternoon. ”Aside from D.T., Jordan Taylor’s the MVP of the game,” Siemian said. INJURIES: Jets running back Elijah McGuire (ankle) and long snapper Thomas Hennessy (head) were knocked out of the game in the first half. The Broncos lost starting safety Justin Simmons to an ankle injury in the first quarter and he was replaced by Will Parks. Inside linebacker Todd Davis was evaluated for a possible concussion in the fourth quarter, and safety Jamal Carter (left shoulder) also was knocked from the game. — While there’s been word of interest from the Jets, it does not look like Peyton Manning will be the team’s next General Manager. were tied in part to his relationship with Jets head coach Adam Gase after the two men worked together with the Broncos. While that relationship might not have led to Manning joining the organization, Gase has been able to make use of it in other ways.Gase told Albert Breer of SI.com that Sam Darnold has been asking a lot of questions about Manning as he prepares to play quarterback in Gase’s offense for the first time.“He watches a lot of the old stuff — he’s watched a lot of Peyton’s stuff,” Gase said. “He’s watched almost all of our cut-ups. The good thing is we’ve got a pretty healthy library of examples … He’s watched so much of it he can bring up certain plays from different seasons to where he’ll ask a question — ‘Hey, what made him do this? Or why did he think this way?’ He’s really gone through a lot of this stuff already.”Gase said Darnold and Manning haven’t spoken directly, but he hopes that a conversation where Darnold can pose his questions directly can take place “eventually.”

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Washington has Derrius Guice https://www.theredskinslockerroom.com/authentic-dwayne-haskins-jersey , Adrian Peterson and Chris Thompson at running back. 2017, who became forgotten last season when he played only five games.Washington coach Jay Gruden has not forgotten Perine, though.“The guy I want to see, who everyone thinks is in my doghouse, is Samaje,” Gruden said Womens Dwayne Haskins Jersey , via the team website. “Samaje has not gotten the opportunities, I’m upset about that; that’s my fault. But I have not given up on Samaje. He’s young; he’s strong; he’s physical. And I need to see him take that next step, and I have to give him that opportunity to do that, and it’s going to be hard with Guice and AP in there to get him the ball. That’ll be a tough dynamic, but I have to get that done.”Perine had eight carries for 32 yards and three catches for 5 yards in 2018 a year after gaining 785 yards from scrimmage on 197 touches.“Competition is competition you know?” Perine said. “If you don’t like competition, if you don’t grind with the competition, then I hate to tell you Dwayne Haskins Jersey White , but it’s probably the wrong business for you. At the end of the day, you know the coaches are going to do what they want to do, but you know I’m going to put my best foot forward, just like they’re going to put their best foot forward, and you know whatever happens after that happens, but I’m sure we are all going to compete.” One of the few bright spots for Washington during their 0-3 start to the season has been the play of rookie wide receiver Terry McLaurin, but he may not be part of the effort to end the losing streak against the Giants this Sunday.The third-round pick popped up on Thursday’s injury report as a limited participant due to a hamstring injury. Mid-week additions to the injury report often lead to absences on Sunday and things appear to be moving in that direction in Washington.According to multiple reporters Dwayne Haskins Jersey , McLaurin is not participating in the open portion of Friday’s practice. The team will hand out injury designations later in the day, but both the trajectory and the nature of hamstring injuries suggest he’s heading for the inactive list.McLaurin has 16 catches for 257 yards and three touchdowns over his first three NFL games.Center Chase Roullier, right guard Brandon Scherff and tight end Jordan Reed are also out of practice for Washington. None of them have practiced at all this week, so the offense may be awfully shorthanded against the Giants.

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San Francisco 49ers tight end George Kittle said his tweet to Antonio Brown from New Year’s Eve was at the prodding of a fellow member of the 49ers offense.Via KNBR Womens Jerome Bettis Jersey , Kittle said on Wednesday that his “Sup?” tweet directed at Brown was a dare from quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo.“Jimmy totally dared me to do it,” Kittle said. “And I am not going to say no. threw it out there, and I thought it was going to be completely meaningless, and I got a response in about 10 minutes. I was like Jerome Bettis Jersey , ‘Oh, that’s exciting.’ It was fun.”The tweet was posted just two hours shy of the start of 2019 and it didn’t take Brown long to respond back with a starry-eyed emoji that ultimately posed a question of if the 49ers would have any interest in Brown. Although G.M. John Lynch later admitted that the 49ers had interest in receiver Odell Beckham, Jr., Lynch said regarding Brown James Conner Jersey , “We took a quick look and then we just said, ‘Hey, we’re not interested in that for our team.'”Garoppolo didn’t confirm Kittle’s account of the back-and-forth, but also didn’t say he didn’t do it either.“It depends who you ask https://www.thesteelerslockerroom.com/authentic-terrell-edmunds-jersey ,” Garoppolo said. “He said it was (me)? I’d take it with a grain of salt then.” Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll lost a challenge in the first half of Sunday’s game in Pittsburgh when officials ruled that a defensive pass interference call on linebacker Mychal Kendricks would stand.Carroll had more luck on his second try of the day.  Tyler Lockett fell incomplete, Carroll threw the flag and argued that Steelers safety Terrell Edmunds interfered with Lockett. After a review, officials agreed with Carroll’s view and the Seahawks had a 38-yard gain inside the Pittsburgh 30-yard-line.That big gain was followed by a more conventional big play when Wilson hit DK Metcalf for a 28-yard score. The ensuing extra point made it 28-19 Seattle with 7:15 left to play.That leaves Mason Rudolph with a lot of work to do if the Steelers are going to avoid an 0-2 start. Rudolph replaced Ben Roethlisberger after halftime and threw his first NFL touchdown pass to tight end Vance McDonald earlier in the fourth. Running back James Conner is now on the bench as well with a knee injury and his return is considered questionable.

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With NFL players often not even getting drafted until the age of 22 Bo Jackson Jersey , they have to show a lot of talent early on to make the NFL All-Under 25 team. With the high turnover the Raiders have had of..." />Skip to main contentclockmenumore-arrownoyesSilver And Black Pride homepageHorizontal - WhiteSilver And Black Pridean Oakland Raiders communityFollow Silver And Black Pride online:Follow Silver And Black Pride on TwitterFollow Silver And Black Pride on FacebookLog in or sign upLog InSign UpSite searchSearchSearchSilver And Black Pride main menuFanpostsFanshotsRaidersOddsAboutMastheadCommunity GuidelinesStubHubMoreAll 321 blogs on Horizontal - WhiteFanposts Fanshots Raiders StoriesScheduleRosterStatsYahoo Raiders NewsYahoo Raiders Team PageYahoo Raiders ReportYahoo Raiders Depth ChartYahoo Raiders TransactionsYahoo Raiders PhotosOdds About Masthead Community Guidelines StubHub ✕No Raiders named in NFL All-under 25 team, but could any make a case?New,15commentsPDTShare this storyShare this on FacebookShare this on TwitterShareAll sharing optionsShareAll sharing options for:No Raiders named in NFL All-under 25 team, but could any make a case?TwitterFacebookRedditPocketFlipboardEmailPhoto by Norm Hall/Getty ImagesWith NFL players often not even getting drafted until the age of 22, they have to show a lot of talent early on to make the NFL All-Under 25 team. With the high turnover the Raiders have had of late and the lack of success they’ve had in the draft the past few years, there weren’t any that made NFL.com’s list. That begs the question if they are any on this Raiders team who are even worthy of being mentioned.In total, the Raiders had just six players currently under 25 who started the majority of last season and who are expected to once again start at their position this coming season — Gareon Conley (23), Arden Key (23), Kolton Miller (23), Daniel Carlson (24), Maurice Hurst (24) https://www.raiderslockerroom.com/authentic-antonio-brown-jersey , and Daryl Worley (24).Of those players there is probably one who could currently have made a case to make the All-Under 25 team.Daniel CarlsonAfter a rough start with the Vikings who made him their 5th round selection, Carlson was cut and later signed by the Raiders. In ten games with the Raiders, he would miss just one field goal, going 16 of 17 including hitting his last 15 straight field goals. His 94.1% on field goals with the Raiders was 4th in the league among kickers with at least 7 attempts. The man who was named as the kicker for the All-Under 25 team was the Chiefs’ Harrison Butker who converted on 89% of his field goals this past season, missing one inside 50 yards and two outside 50 yards. Butker earns it based on his having converted 90% of his field goals last season as well. He is 62 of 69 in two years (89.9%) which is pretty damn good.Unfortunately, with Carlson 24 hitting 25 next January, he won’t be eligible for this team next year either. But some other Raiders players will be.Gareon Conley finished strong last season, but he too will turn 25 before the start of the 2020 season and thus not be in consideration for next year’s team. So, who has the best chance of making a run at next year’s team?Maurice HurstHurst showed some promise as a rookie, leading the team with 4.0 sacks. He also showed himself to be a sure tackler inside. Like all the Raiders interior defenders, they did their work with little to no help from the outside rush. As a result Hurst was subjected to double teams constantly. With the team putting up just 13.0 sacks and only one of them coming from a defensive end (Key) on the team at season’s end Womens Derek Carr Jersey , the outside pass rush can only improve and Hurst’s play should improve with it. He should also benefit from having a season under his belt.Other 2018 rookies like Key and Miller would have to do a near 180 on their disappointing rookie seasons to be in the mix. And, of course, there is always the chance one of the 2019 rookies could burst onto the scene, but it’s harder to predict that.Follow @LeviDamien In a bit of a surprising move, the Raiders have parted ways with wide receiver Jordy Nelson less than a year since he joined the team.Nelson signed a 2-year deal with the team last offseason after..." parted ways with wide receiver Jordy Nelson less than a year since he joined the team.Nelson signed a 2-year deal with the team last offseason after being cut by the Packers. He went on to lead Raiders wide receivers with 63 catches for 739 yards and 3 touchdowns, much of which came later in the season. He will turn 34 in May.His release saves the team $3.57 million on the cap. However, this move is still a bit of a surprise because late last season they gave him his $4.1 million 2019 bonus ahead of time. A vote of confidence they planned on keeping him. It seems the surprise acquisition of Antonio Brown and his $15 million 2019 cap hit that may be the catalyst for this. And then the signing of Tyrell Williams as well who will average $11 million per season on his 4-year deal. It meant they were spending money at a position they didn’t expect to spend and now they must cut others to clear up room to bring in more defense. Seth Roberts seemed like the logical first choice being that he carries a cap hit of $4.65 million with no dead money if cut. I wouldn’t rule out the possibility that he could be released as well, but there’s no word of that yet.Follow @LeviDamien

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The Broncos had to wait a day or two for the 49ers to grant them permission to interview their quarterbacks coach Rich Scangarello for their offensive coordinator vacancy Joe Flacco Jersey White , but it appears the wait was worthwhile.Scangarello was in Denver on Tuesday to interview with head coach Vic Fangio and others from the team and he is back for more talks on Wednesday. Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that those talks are expected to result in Scangarello getting the job.It would be Scangarello’s first coordinator job in the NFL and he has held that title at Wagner and Northern Arizona in the collegiate ranks. He’d have an experienced offensive line coach in Mike Munchak to help him as he navigates the waters for the first time on the professional level.Whether Scangarello leaves or not, 49ers wide receivers coach/passing game coordinator Mike LaFleur and run game coordinator Mike McDaniel are expected back as top offensive assistants to Kyle Shanahan in 2019. Wilkinson brings versatility, and is in a great position to grow and learn from Mike Munchak this season." Denver Broncos RosterBroncos 2019 Roster Review: Offensive lineman Elijah WilkinsonNew,20commentsWilkinson brings versatility, and is in a great position to grow and learn from Mike Munchak this season.MDTElijah Wilkinson is yet another undrafted guy who could carve out a role on this Broncos team, who has a history of finding hidden gems from the college free agent ranks.Wilkinson was signed as an UDFA out of UMass in 2017, where he spent the majority of his career playing right tackle.ProfileBrought into camp in 2017 as a long shot, Wilkinson brought value with his versatility as he showed ability at both guard and tackle. He missed the 53-man roster, but was brought onto the practice squad in 2017, and eventually was promoted to the active roster after injuries to Donald Stephenson and Menelik Watson.In 2018, he continued to showcase his versatility and made the 53-man roster seeing time at both guard and tackle in camp. That versatility would be called upon mid-way through the season as Wilkinson was thrown into the starting lineup at right guard after Matt Paradis went down with an injury in Houston. As a result, Wilkinson played almost 50 percent of the offensive snaps in 2018 and started the final seven regular season games at right guard.It was an up and down season Womens Courtland Sutton Jersey , as a you might imagine for Wilkinson, but he certainly got valuable in-game experience during his trial by fire.The GoodWhile he struggled in pass protection early on, giving up three sacks in his first three games, he was solid in the run game, and got into a bit more of a rhythm later into the season. what you would expect from an undrafted/practice squad guy making his first entrance into the starting lineup, but there’s flashes, and he performed admirably for the situation he was put in. Wilkinson is still a young player with a lot of growth ahead of him.QuotableRich Scangarello on whether there are any players who have surprised him so far (in camp)Wilkinson during OTAsRoster StatusThe fact that he earned an unsolicited shout-out from Rich Scangarello is a great sign, and I’m excited about Wilkinson’s growth potential under Mike Munchak. He is still just 24 years old and entering his third year, so he should continue to improve. I expect him to easily make the roster as the swing tackle/sixth man on the offensive line as his versatility is a huge asset to the team.I’m glad Denver drafted Risner and have Leary starting at the opposite guard spot as it gives Wilkinson another season to sit and develop, hopefully honing his skills to be able to step into a starting role next year for Leary, if he continues his current trajectory.

Washington was threatening to take the lead with 2:38 remaining in the first half. Facing a third-and-goal at the Houston 9 Dwayne Haskins Jersey , Jordan Reed and Alex Smith weren’t on the same page. Reed turned inside; Smith threw the pass outside . . . straight to Texans rookie safety Justin Reid.Reid ran it back 101 yards to pad the Texans’ lead to 17-7.Opponents had scored on 44 consecutive red-zone possessions against the Houston defense before Reid’s interception ended the dubious team record.Washington is fortunate it wasn’t worse at halftime. Three plays after Reid’s pick-six, Smith threw another interception. Linebacker Brennan Scarlett picked a pass intended for running back Kapri Bibbs, and Scarlett returned it 8 yards to the Washington 22. Ka'imi Fairbairn, though, missed a 44-yard field goal wide left.The Texans also left points on the board on their first possession, stalling at the Washington 5. Fairbairn hit a chip-shot, 23-yard field goal.It was a miserable first half for Smith, who went 10-of-24 for 112 yards and two interceptions. That’s a passer rating of 21.5. Adrian Peterson had 10 carries for 27 yards, including a 3-yard touchdown run that was the 104th rushing score of his career. It ties him with John Riggins for sixth most in NFL history.Deshaun Watson went 8-of-11 for 101 yards with a touchdown and an interception. Lamar Miller ran nine times for 55 yards. DeAndre Hopkins made three catches for 39 yards and a touchdown. ASHBURN, Va. (AP) — The Washington Redskins have lost four in a row, are down to their fourth quarterback and are mired in criticism from several players.A once-promising season has gone off the rails thanks to injuries on the offense and blown assignments and missed tackles on defense.  to 6-7 and there is plenty of blame to go around.Defensive backs Josh Norman and D.J. Swearinger were outspoken after the latest loss Wes Martin Jersey , linebacker Mason Foster vented his frustration in a private social media message that came to light and it’s becoming clear there’s a disconnect between players and coaches. While the 2017 season could be written off for injuries, everyone from team President Bruce Allen to coach Jay Gruden and defensive coordinator Greg Manusky could be in danger of losing his job.“If anyone’s going to have to take the fall, it’s going to have to be all of us — everyone in this building,” tight end Vernon Davis said Wednesday. “Everyone is just going to have to take accountability for it.”Gruden said his “job is in jeopardy every week,” so his focus is getting the team ready to face Jacksonville on Sunday. He and some players were quick to point out Washington is only a half-game out of a playoff spot, so the season is far from over.That itself is remarkable.The Redskins’ defense that ranked first in the NFL early in the season is now 20th, Alex Smith and Colt McCoy each suffered broken right legs and quarterback Josh Johnson is making his first start since 2011. Injuries have again played a role in this freefall, which points to personnel decisions made Allen, Gruden, senior vice president of player personnel Doug Williams and the rest of the front office.And even though he got an extension through 2020, Gruden is the eighth coach to work under owner Dan Snyder and is on the hot seat after just one playoff appearance in his first four seasons.“Sometimes it’s hard not to think about it because of course you’re going to get asked about it Womens Bryce Love Jersey ,” said running back Chris Thompson, who expressed his support for Gruden and the rest of the coaching staff. “I really don’t want to think about that too much. We got three more games to go and at this point anything could happen and then the decisions that are made upstairs, we can’t really control that stuff.”The Redskins can control their practice habits, an area Swearinger has been critical of the past two seasons. He has raised questions about the team’s lack of preparation, a problem that has bubbled up and caused inconsistency.“I can’t tell you what needs to be changed. I ain’t the coach,” Swearinger said after a 40-16 loss to the Giants on Sunday. “We ain’t executing. We ain’t getting the job done. That’s the answer they want me to give.”Norman said he wasn’t going to blame the injury-ravaged offense or make excuses for the four-game skid. And it’s impossible to pinpoint one source of all the losing.“There’s a lot of things when you’re talking about losing a football game,” Gruden said. “If we had it narrowed down to one thing, we’d fix it and be OK. Sometimes it’s defense, sometimes it’s offense, sometimes it’s special teams, sometimes it’s coaching. It’s a combination. So it’s a matter of all of us having to step up in some key players’ absences and playing better and we haven’t done that.”Foster cursing the team and its fan base in a private message on Instagram was just the latest development in a quickly unraveling season. Gruden and Foster’s teammates brushed it off https://www.theredskinslockerroom.com/authentic-terry-mclaurin-jersey , citing the veteran’s contributions on the field.The bigger problem is the defense as a whole isn’t getting the job done.“I know for me personally the wear and tear and the grind of the season, mentally you start to just lose a little bit of focus and it’s natural,” defensive lineman Jonathan Allen said. “It’s a long season, so naturally you’re going to fall off in certain areas, and that’s the goal to not fall off.”Beating the Jaguars and getting help around the league could put the Redskins in position to still challenge for a playoff spot. In the midst of all the frustration, veteran running back Adrian Peterson wants everyone to realize the season isn’t over.“We’re only half a game out,” Peterson said. “When they show the playoff picture on ESPN, we’re there.”NOTES: TE Jordan Reed (right foot/ankle), WR Josh Doctson (concussion protocol) and DL Matt Ioannidis (shin) were among the players who didn’t practice Wednesday. … Gruden shortened practice to under 90 minutes amid his team’s injuries.

Making Money / After the end of a dysfunctional 2018 Steelers season
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For Pittsburgh Steelers fans still undecided about the team they will follow in the new Alliance of American Football T. J. Watt Jersey White , the Birmingham Iron have been doing their best to state their case for your support over the past few weeks. If hailing from the city that was once known as the “Pittsburgh of the South” was not enough, the fact that the Steelers are one of four teams affiliated with the Iron in terms of player allocation is already likely to have swayed some fans.As we noted when we first took a look at the various rosters of each AAF teams before the season began, Birmingham opened the year with more former Pittsburgh players than any other team in the league and are also led by former Steelers defensive coordinator Tim Lewis as head coach. Those still needing to be convinced might be encouraged by the news of the signing of another familiar face on Wednesday Terrell Edmunds Jersey White , with tight end Weslye Saunders becoming the latest addition to the Iron.While every team in the AAF has a least one former Steeler on their roster, with the exception of the Salt Lake Stallions, no one appears to be featuring them as much as Birmingham. Based on the depth charts created by Pro Football Focus Womens JuJu Smith-Schuster Jersey , no other team has as many players in starting or key backup roles with Pittsburgh connections as the Iron. As per PFF.Arizona Hotshots: LB Steven Johnson - StarterAtlanta Legends: CB Dorian Grant - StarterBirmingham Iron: WR L’Damian Washington - 2nd StringTE Weslye Saunders - 3rd StringOT Larson Graham - 2nd StringDT Casey Sayles - StarterDT Josh Frazier - 2nd String DE Johnny Maxey - 2nd StringCB Jamar Summers - Starter S Jacob Hagen - 2nd String Memphis Express: QB Zach Mettenberger - 3rd StringRB Rajion Neal - 2nd StringDE Greg Gilmore - 2nd StringDB Malik Boynton - 2nd StringP Brad Wing - StarterOrlando Apollos: TE Scott Orndoff - StarterDE Giorgio Newberry - 3rd StringLB Terence Garvin - StarterSalt Lake Stallions: NoneSan Antonio Commanders: QB Dustin Vaughan - 3rd StringRB David Cobb - 2nd StringRB Trey Williams - 3rd StringWR Demarcus Ayers - 2nd String TE Cameron Clear - 2nd StringLB Darnell Leslie - 3rd StringSan Diego Fleet: RB Terrell Watson - StarterLB Travis Feeney - 2nd StringCB Greg Ducre- 2nd StringSo if you want to watch an AAF game featuring players you might actually recognize. there really is no choice other than Birmingham, with the Iron very happy to have you on board as a fan. there was word that Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger would drop his weekly in-season radio show.Roethlisberger often made headlines and/or waves with candid comments about teammates during that show and dropping it was seen as a gesture toward lowering the temperature in the locker room after a rough year. Roethlisberger said in May that there was no decision about how to proceed Womens T. J. Watt Jersey , however, and nothing’s changed at this point.The quarterback spoke to reporters from Steelers training camp on Friday and he said, via many of those reporters JuJu Smith-Schuster Jersey White , that the future of the show is still under consideration. He added that a final decision isn’t needed for a couple of weeks.Roethlisberger also said that winning was his sole focus heading into the season. We’ll find out soon if his radio show fits into that goal or if a new approach will be in order after last year’s drop in the standings.

Making Money / The Cowboys are reportedly sending a first-round
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In a couple days Womens Bo Jackson Jersey , the Raiders rookies and tryout players will take the field for the team’s rookie minicamp practice. That will go down on Friday. But before then, they had some business to take..."WhiteFanposts Fanshots Raiders StoriesScheduleRosterStatsYahoo Raiders NewsYahoo Raiders Team PageYahoo Raiders ReportYahoo Raiders Depth ChartYahoo Raiders TransactionsYahoo Raiders PhotosOdds About Masthead Community Guidelines StubHub ✕Raiders release five to make room for incoming undrafted free agent signeesNew,41commentsPDTShareTweetShareShareRaiders release five to make room for incoming undrafted free agent signeesWide receiver James Jones at Raiders OTA practiceLevi DamienIn a couple days, the Raiders rookies and tryout players will take the field for the team’s rookie minicamp practice. That will go down on Friday. But before then, they had some business to take care of. Namely the signing of the group of undrafted free agent rookies. With those addition, the team often has to clear up space on the offseason roster.While they have yet to officially announce which undrafted free agents they have signed, we have a list of them right here in our tracker. Ahead of that official announcement Bo Jackson Jersey , the team has made some cuts.The players let go today were as follows:RB James ButlerLB Cayson CollinsWR Rashard DavisG/C Cameron HuntWE De’Mornay Pierson-ElButler, Collins, and Davis all spent time on the Raiders practice squad last season.Butler was an undrafted rookie for the Raiders last year and was signed to the practice squad where he spent the majority of the season. Collins was on and off the Raiders’ practice squad several times last season. Davis was signed to the Raiders’ practice squad ahead of Week 11 of last season. Hunt was originally an undrafted free agent by the Denver Broncos out of Oregon in 2017. He joined the Raiders last offseason and was active for the team’s final three games last season.Pierson-El was signed out of the defunct AAF. Prior to that he had a short stint in the CFL with the Montreal Alouettes. We will know the initial undrafted free agent signees soon, definitely within the next couple days.Follow @LeviDamien Another big talent is on the way out in Oakland.The Raiders are trading wide receiver Amari Cooper to the Cowboys, Josina Anderson of ESPN reports. draft pick to Oakland.Cooper arrived in Oakland as the fourth overall pick in the 2015 NFL draft. He showed a lot of promise his first two seasons, topping 1,000 receiving yards in each of his first two years https://www.raiderslockerroom.com/authentic-antonio-brown-jersey , but his production has declined significantly since then. The Cowboys, who need help at the receiver position, are hoping Cooper can get back to his old form.This is the second time the Raiders have traded away a former Top 5 draft pick this year, having previously traded Khalil Mack to the Bears. Raiders coach Jon Gruden hasn’t hidden the fact that he didn’t like the roster he inherited, and he’s getting rid of the players he doesn’t want. The Cowboys will hope Gruden misjudged what Cooper brings to the table.

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