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Author Topic: Buying computer gamer  (Read 46914 times)


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Buying computer gamer
« on: July 26, 2019, 08:33:00 PM »

Friends, I'm William.. I tell you that I am a lover of computers and above all, of games, especially I have a deep love for dota2, that is why I am looking for a computer that suits all types of games. At buyviu.us, I got this computer model:  (HP Business Desktop ProOne 600 G4 All-in-One Computer - Intel Core i5 (8th Gen) i5-8500 3 GHz - 8 GB DDR4 SDRAM - 1 TB HDD - 21.5 "- Windows 10 Pro - 4LU89UT # ABA) and this gamer mouse. (Monoprice 8-Button Executor Laser Gaming Mouse - Black (Open Box))

I would like to know your opinions please. What do you think,? ... Would it be fine for any kind of games?


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Re: Buying computer gamer
« Reply #1 on: October 05, 2019, 08:53:37 AM »

You would like sense? They want profit - and they're losing it by dropping a good part of hc players. Retail with WoW Classic doctrine - nah its too late for this, I believe there are people that enjoy present content over we think wow classic gold, and they dont need to shed their money.The only problem regarding category changes is I am not certain how are they going to take care of pvp and pve balance of each class if they start doing this, and would they worry, atleast at the start of WoW Classic, a lot of things will probably be set by how many people will play it - if they see extra profitthey will develop WoW Classic further in the WoW Classic way, but never retail.

I perform on a private server, the community is just one of the huge benefits you play WoW Classic for. This alone gives you joy and fun at WoW Classic. Folks will not only play rogue/warry/mage/wl because the loot isn't personal. You would like to have hunters to pick up the mail items. An entire mage/wl raid will be poorer because you lose out on all of the class items or mail items that will drop. Classes have particular roles like shaman only cure, tank only warry. But this was exactly the same in WoW Classic and it had been fine for the majority of the people. I think it will be another way around. Retail obtained mythic+ and new endgame content where you race into world firsts. WoW Classic is going to be a lot of people who wish to relive their expertise from when they were young, take it slow and revel in.

Content in WoW Classic is not comptedetive anymore because it got rid already, full guides are outside and world kills dont rely there. Overall I believe you have some of the"bfa" mindset still in you. Drama WoW Classic and take pleasure in the community, the two hour runs for one dungeon where you might find an item but have a good deal of fun on the way. I simply dont see a lot of people interested in first kills or"hardcore" communitys which people look up to (like planet first kills in the newest articles ) since the material got rid already. On WoW Classic personal servers guilds clear the entire WoW Classic content in 1 year (by raiding 3 times a week). Lets say you have a pro guild raiding 7 days a week with 12 hours every day, they could clear the content in 4 month or so, if the content will be available from the beginning. In the end, we must watch for the release and find out how it plays out.

When someone says WoW Classic and hardcore in 1 paragraph I seriously doubt their psychological capacity. No sane person may enjoy holy priest in vanilla, also in the exact same time they're the sole healers. So holy priest were employed so people can sneak to better guilds, because much better players dont fucking want to play sacred priests for gods sake. Fucking good for most people to buy gold wow classic. No it was not. The only method to maintain adequate player to play holy priest was supposed to press him into it, and pressing rookies was the easiest. When a person got a chance to reroll from sacred priest he did it immediately. You want to play that game once more? Fantastic luck. Hope you will enjoy your precious, hardcore, fuck-it-in-the ass 5 minute rule. But possibly WoW Classic fanboys have something from autistic spectre? So they really enjoy sitting and waiting for mana to regen*.

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