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Author Topic: Sunglasses 101: How to Tell if They Are High Quality  (Read 604 times)


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Sunglasses 101: How to Tell if They Are High Quality
« on: October 25, 2018, 06:13:50 AM »

Sunglasses 101: How to Tell if They Are High Quality

Sunglasses come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and styles, and are designed to protect your eyes from the sun. Ultraviolet radiation and blue light can both be harmful to the eyes, causing damage over years of sun exposure. Sunglasses can also protect facial skin from forming crows feet, which are those little lines you get by your eyes from squinting too much.

How can you determine the quality of sunglasses? How do you tell a high-quality pair from a low-quality pair? Ill give you a hint: its not always about the price. And here is another piece of advice: low-quality sunglasses typically do not offer much protection. The basic parts of a pair of sunglasses are the frame, the bridge and the lenses. All can vary with the quality of the sunglasses.

Lenses have the most options, since they can vary by material, color, size, shape, and more. Plastic lenses are lighter but less scratch resistant, while glass lenses offer better optical clarity and scratch resistance, but they are heavier. In high-quality sunglasses, look for colors that will not distort the colors of the real world, unless that is what you are going for.

Colors like gray and green will maintain a neutral color balance, while brown will distort colors a little, but give you better Women Sunglasses contrast. Orange and yellow lenses are said to provide the best contrast, but distort colors more. Blue and purple lenses are mostly useless for anything other than cosmetic reasons. This is a choice, based on the activity you are pursuing. Sometimes you will want to give up some color for the increased contrast.

In frames, you can find a variety of materials, all of which could be high or low quality. Frames may be made of metal, nylon, plastic, and other materials as well. If your sunglasses will be worn during strenuous activities, you may want to opt for nylon frames because these tend to keep their shape best. Conversely, metal will bend and plastic could break under stressful conditions.

Higher-quality frames will have springs at the hinge that allow them to open wider than you wear them, giving you less of a chance of breaking them at the hinge. They may also be slightly heavier due to a higher quality in terms of the construction and materials.

The bridge of your sunglasses is where they rest on your nose. This should have some kind of padding to make them comfortable for extended wear. They should also be adjustable to provide the wearer with a better fit. Better fit means that not only are they more comfortable, but they will stay on better.

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When looking for high quality sunglasses, make sure they meet all of your needs and requirements. Look for quality Mens Sunglasses workmanship standards, and quality materials in the lenses, bridge and frame. Price is not always an indicator, especially where name brands are involved. Try on as many as you can, and find a pair that will be comfortable and functional for a long time.

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