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How to write an essay? It would seem that what could be easier to put on paper your thoughts on an issue. But a person writing an essay usually faces some difficulties in composing the structure (plan) of the essay.

Essay writing should begin with some important aspects:

The style of the essay, should be supported by the author's own emotions, opinion and vision;

The subject matter of the material should be clearly stated. Put a question or draw the reader's attention to the object of the text in the introduction and draw conclusions about it in the conclusion;

Correct arrangement of "question - answer" in paragraphs, harmonious and smooth transitions between them.

Like any text, an essay has its own "assignment geek reviews". The structure of an essay should be as follows:

thesis statement of the author's thought or question (object);

argumentation of the questions posed.

Argumentation of the posed question, problem or described object should be made in any way: historical facts, observations, quotations from articles or scientific works and similar ways.

Following from the above, the essay acquires the following outline:
Essay outline:

1. Introduction .

2. Thesis and its arguments

3. Thesis and its arguments.

4. ...

5. Conclusion.

Also, it should be remembered that the essay answers the question posed at the beginning. And it is necessary to stick to it as you write the whole text.

For example, if you are writing an essay about a problem, the answer should be a conclusion about how to avoid it next time and what conclusions should be made. Or, if the essay is about an event, the answer would be what it led to and whether it should be repeated.

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