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Author Topic: Service animals vs. emotional support animals - what is the better option?  (Read 93 times)


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There are different types of animals that humans have categorized on the basis of their credibility, purposes, and the role these animals play in the lives of humans. For instance, pets are those animals that people keep for various reasons. It could be the love for animals, or it could be for entertainment or security, hunting, and so on. Likewise, there are service animals that are trained in particular tasks. For example, dogs are trained for security or sniffing purposes. These types of animals underwent particular training processes and inherited certain qualities.


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Moreover, there are emotional support animals that are different from both ordinary pets and service animals. Emotional support animals are those particular animals that render services to people who suffer from particular kinds of psychological problems. These animals are the healers and companions of those people who may be suffering from anxiety, depression and other mental health problems.


         The difference between emotional support animals and service animals lies in the tasks they perform. The service animals are responsible to provide certain duties to their owners. As it is evident from the name, that these animals are trained to provide key services. The services could be a reminder to an owner who may have a memory problem. It could be a service of gatekeeping for the owner and so on. On the other hand, there are no binding tasks that the emotional support animals perform, and neither are those animals trained to conduct particular tasks. However, these animals possess natural capabilities to develop a strong bond with their people. Naturally, these animals comprise the ability to read the minds of their owners.


Purposefully, the service animals are provided to those people who suffer from physical disabilities. It could be blindness, a limping disability, or other forms of physical disabilities. In such cases, the service animals provide aids to disabled people. On the other hand, emotional support animals are provided to people who suffer from certain psychological problems. These animals act as healers and drag their owners out of anxiety and depression by amusing and entertaining them in many ways.


         If you are thinking of keeping an animal and you are still confused about which types of animals you should adopt then consider your condition first. For instance, if you are a normal person, go for an ordinary pet. Contrarily, if you have a certain physical disability then you should look for an appropriate service animal. It could be a service dog or a miniature horse. It totally depends upon your condition and the duty you are expecting from the animal. Nevertheless, if you are suffering from certain types of psychological disabilities then you have to visit a mental health professional. In this regard, an LMHP can investigate your psychological conditions and would recommend you a particular support animal through writing an emotional support animal letter for you. Remember, you should never adopt an ESA by yourself because you can’t know the exact benefit of a support animal for you.


         To make it clear for you, the service animals are prescribed by mental health professionals in particular cases of psychiatric problems. These animals provide therapy to the people who suffer from psychotic problems. For example, therapy dogs carry medicines for their owner, they open and close the doors, and they often help their owners in getting up and sitting down, and so on. Moreover, they lick the feet of their owner to provide ease for the strained muscles.  To make it precise, these animals are like work animals. They are trained in particular areas wherein, they sustain key expertise. You don't need an esa letter to keep these types of animals. These animals can be allocated at your service by the mental health professionals and they would keep a check and balance in this regard.


         The emotional support animals are neither trained, and nor possess the qualities to perform certain tasks or provide regular therapy for you. They are ordinary animals with a great sense of compassion and affection. They read your mind and amuse you as a companion. They show love and loyalty towards their owners. It is their companionship and human characteristics that enable their owners to cope with certain psychological problems. For example, if you are alone and constantly indulge yourself in overthinking about various things that lead to anxiety and depression within you the ESA animals won't let you feel depressed in this manner. They will always show their support to you by providing sensory touches and showing affection. However, you need to obtain an ESA Letter for housing before bringing the animal home. Doing so would provide you and the animal certain rights and privileges.


         Service animals are very rare and they are kept by people who suffer from psychical disabilities. The animals can open the door, bring medicines, push the wheelchairs, and so on. The emotional support animals are not trained. They entertain their owners through their constant loyalty, affection, compassion, and presence.


         To sum up, the different categorization of animals is based on the nature of the task they are able to perform. The service animals are trained in a particular field therefore, they fulfill particular tasks for the owners. The emotional support animals are more like other pets. They are not trained, but you should require a prescription for an LMHP to adopt these types of animals.

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