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Author Topic: The legends of the Illuminatis.  (Read 71 times)


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The legends of the Illuminatis.
« on: January 14, 2020, 04:28:28 PM »

There are different perspectives of what was considered a new order, at the time that Adam Weishaupt founded in 1776, the well-known order of the Illuminati, and even more so why people believe in these theories, and that precisely, they are not necessarily mutually excluding; For its creation was a simpler form of explanation is that people who believe in conspiracy theories and with a somewhat paranoid approach. In the meantime, this was the only layman in a cloister controlled by ex-Jesuits who managed for the moment and was dissolved, a kind of harassment against all those who were suspected of heresy what they estimate ended up waking up, to this trained philosopher man in a clerical environment, an anticlerical feeling; that is to say, to oppose a series of things by considering them against nature or falsifying a spiritual order. However, he decided to create his own group for a short time, several students joined him, eager to access censored or prohibited readings, which on the other hand was used for totally dual and undesirable purposes, in what would be a perfect society from his intellectual point of view; then, before this vision, a dozen members gathered, which became almost thirty at the end of the year. On the other hand, this closed group, conceived of that as an intimate circle, which, in the same way, its local identity used pseudonyms often taken from history or classical literature, whose axis allowed them to be seen as a relationship of equality. Meanwhile, for Weishaupt, lover of classical literature and epic feats, he called himself Spartacus and what times later, he proposed to rename it as Order of the Bee, this, based on the perfect, evolved organization, with linear hierarchies and constancy in its work, as well as with the systemic perfection of wisdom. However, in his epitaph, I end up being Bund der Illuminaten or Union of Illuminates, which finally remained as the order  illuminati, that is, Order of the Enlightened. Consequently, its objective would be in tune with that movement: education as an instrument to achieve freedom, the intellectual and moral formation of the citizen to make unnecessary both the spiritual protection of the Church and totalitarian oppression in the political sphere. Both topics considered at the moment as the failure or error of pure and logical decisions for a society of the future.

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