• February 26, 2016, 11:31:55 pm
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Author Topic: Hundreds of years old shipwreck found Off the coast of Singapore,  (Read 367 times)


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Singaporeis an island country. It has long been a prosperous and important trading center of shipping routes across the world, connectingthe Indian Oceanand theSouth China Sea. Recently, historical evidence has been discovered relating to the region's trade past. when the board Singapore's National Heritage and Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, Yusuf Ishak, said the second 200-year-old wreck was discovered off the Pedra Branca, a rocky hill in the east of Singapore.
Earlier in 2015, undersea excavations were carried out and the wreck of the first ship was found. Because divers accidentally come across ceramic plates. It wasn't until later that a second wreck was discovered, presumed to be the Shah Munchah, a merchant ship built in India and sank in 1796 while sailing from China to India. Items recovered from the second shipwreck include Chinese ceramics. to glass and chalcedony objects, to anchors and cannons that were often mounted on naval ships used by the East India Company. This is a big trade of the British Empire expanded into Asia in the 18th century and 19th have noted that some of the objects that sank with the ship. It looks similar to artifacts found in an archaeological excavation on land. That shows Singapore was a trading center before the arrival of the British colonial era, however, exploration and recovery of artifacts from the two shipwrecks are expected to be completed this year.

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