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Author Topic: Cabal Mobile opens Open Beta service in Thailand today.  (Read 752 times)


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Cabal Mobile opens Open Beta service in Thailand today.
« on: November 11, 2020, 04:49:02 AM »

November 10, 2020, is the day of 2 interesting MMORPG games that have been officially announced in Thailand, one from Netmarble and the other game that we are talking about right now is Cabal Mobile. Electronics Extreme or EXE, a game service and game development company in Thailand, has partnered with ESTgames to bring a mobile version of the game that was previously released in South Korea before it was launched in our country like It's official today.

Previously, it was open for testing during Closed Beta, if anyone who has tried it will probably see that the game Cabal Mobile is a port of games from almost all PC versions to mobile platforms But there are adjustments in the press, skill and control that must be designed to fit only. Therefore, anyone who wants to get the scent of the old days But in the form of a portable phone that can be played anytime, anywhere, must admit that this game is a reasonable answer

Because if we talk about games like Cabal Online, which are the basis for Cabal Mobile game design, we must admit that it was once the top-level game that our Thai gamers have been interested in and are widely loved by Only slotxo in the early age of online games The selling point that makes fans remember this IP game is the gorgeous graphics of the time, the outfits, the full color lighting, and most importantly, the combo skills with rhythmic press add more fun to the battle. Not included with any other content, be it PVP or Guild Wars.

Cabal M is an Action MMORPG mobile game that is complete with pictures. And playing system The virtual reality experience from the original PC version to the mobile screen that will be unique and distinctive features of the classic IP version that I will always emphasize. Comes with a Combo system that is the main feature of the game, there are many skills to choose from, including to build your own unique style freely. And in the various systems Of the game has been modified to add more convenience, such as the Auto Battle system that facilitates players to experience the fun continuously, suitable for mobile platforms

But all of them have to mention in terms of graphics that if you look at it in a non-classic way, you must admit that it is not very beautiful. Because it brings all the old pictures Therefore, when compared with the modern games So it looks inferior in this regard Unless you're a gamer who prefers Cabal Online as the original capital, that's another story.

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