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Author Topic: How Is Different From T Part Wig And Lace Front Wig  (Read 16 times)


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How Is Different From T Part Wig And Lace Front Wig
« on: January 04, 2022, 09:06:10 AM »

With the constant changing of fashion, the types of wigs are updated as well. To meet the demand of different people, new kinds of wigs come into sight in the market. T part wig is also called Middle Part Wig or part lace wig. This is beneficial for the popular middle part hairstyle in very short period of time. The middle part means the lace wig is parted in the middle portion of the wig and at the time of application, its lace part will look like a shape T.

Cheap: The T Part Wig is one of the most affordable wig types. It is much cheaper than a lace frontal wig, but without diluting the natural-looking effect.

Natural results: When you look at the wig cap from the inside, youíll notice something which we absolutely love. The T Part Lace Wig has a full front hairline area. So, this leads to a similar natural result that you would get with a more expensive lace frontal wig.

Convenient styling: The wig comes ready to use. Thereís no need for you to sew the bundle or buy or use any other wig parts to be able to wear a T part wig. Itís wearable right out the box, so you donít need to know a lot about wig styling to wear the T part.

T Part Wigs VS Lace Front Wigs:
13◊4 lace frontal wigs and T pat wigs all have a natural hairline from ear to ear, they all look so natural. But there are some differences between them, which can help you to decide which one you will select.

1.About the lace depth: For T part wigs human hair, the lace depth is 5 inches, and for lace front wigs, the lace depth is 4 inches.

2.About the width of the lace on the head part: The T part wigs can but made into the middle part due to the laceís width only 1 inch, but the lace front wigs can be free parting due to there is enough lace area to do that.

3. About price: Because they are handmade, premium quality, so the making process makes these wigs more expensive than machine-made wigs. However, the lace frontal wig costs more due to larger handmade lace than T part wig, so the T part wigs are cheaper than the lace frontal wig.

I hope you have found this guide useful. If you need any more help just let us know either by visit www.mslynnhair.com

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