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Moving date is not always in our hand, you can't shift the date just because it's a rainy season, if your moving in a rainy season you know that little shower can be a big inconvenience but moving in a downpour an even bigger one, we usually recommend for avowing move in raining days but there things which we can't shift and for overpowering them we prepared some steps to make the #move in rain bit comfy and hopefully lot more dry, so shall we begin with our pro tips from Packers And Movers In Delhi for how to keep your belongings safe during the shower season.

1. Wrapping is the key:

Plastic wrap is your friend when comes to keeping your belongings safe from rain, moving blankets are not waterproof and won't be able to keep the things dry. Use plastic wrap, stretch sheet or garbage bag to cover up the items you are afraid to get wet. If your belongings are only outside from home to the moving truck and moving truck to the new home. But here your judgement skill is required for deciding what to pack and what to not. #Movers and #Packers in #Delhi have skilled team to make sure that customerís #moving and #packing is happy as it can be.

Packers And Movers Delhi

2. Prepare a action plan:

The goal here is to plan accordingly where your goods is outside for a moment only like taking them from home and loading them in truck and so you need a plan on how you will arrange and load them go for large and heavy items first and shift them at the back of the truck bed, now go for small and medium items which will occupy the middle and front space of the truck. The better and fastly you plan on how to load your truck you will eliminate the trial and error timing and can load your goods timely without spending much time on rain, if you are hiring movers it's better to discuss the plan with them prior you begin with the #loading.

3. Arrange boxes in hallway or garage:

Whether you are home owner or tenant you don't wanna leave the mess of moving day in a old home, so for keeping the rain out of your home bring all of your packed belongings near to the loading truck which is still covered, so when movers or you are going back and forth you are not moving in all around. Garage can work well but if that's not in an option you may consider some open space before the second main door (if only it is covered) or front hall of the home.

4. Moving boxes should be sturdy:

Using moving boxes that are merely able to stand with the loading and unloading job is a very bad idea, if you saw the forecast that on moving day there is some chances of rain then use the boxes which can with stand with some shower. Packers And Movers Noida But there is sudden chance in weather then you don't need to panic just use good boxes and wrap the packing tape around it, of plastic wrap is not in an option. Wanna know more about how to handle summer move read Packers and Movers Delhi guide.

5. Use some tarps:

You saved your goods from water when loading but what about when are travelling in moving vehicle, what if water somehow manage to gets in then it can cause the greater damage for the goods then the shower can while loading, so use tarps artfully to a certain group of items, to save them from water damage.

6. Wipe off before you load:

Before you load the items check the truck bed is totally dry if you see any puddle clean it, keep a few towel at the truck bed so you can keep excess moisture out and it will decrease the of eater related damage.Packers And Movers Delhi to Kolkata help in bike moving.

7. Not only your belongings:

When comes to rain your belongings are not the only one who need protection you also should be careful while working in the shower, because the chances of slipping is high in such weather, so lay down some traps, that weak or torn out card boards boxes, rug and old mats from home to the truck path. If you divide the work like some people will handle the job of passing the box from home to door and some people will handle door to truck.

8. Unpack right away:

You can carry out unpacking job day by day according to room but if your boxes got soaked in rain, then you need to hurry, you don't know in what area water can seeped and can leave irreplaceable damage, Packers And Movers Delhi to Hyderabad  for making sure everything is OK by #unpacking everything as soon as you can, packing right away after a tiring day makes it more gloomy but it's better to wait and ruin our goods.

In packing and unpacking if you need any professionalís helped call #PackersandMoversDelhi.

Source url:  https://blog.packers-and-movers-delhi.in/2021/03/8-pro-tips-for-keeping-your-belongings-safe-during-the-shower-season.html

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