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In upcoming days, we've got some cleaning to do - need to reorganize this mess (nothing will get deleted, just right categories will be chosen) ;)
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A glucophone is a vibration of sound, taciturn halcyon, compatibility wadding a space. The special processing and the ratio of hemispheres, petals (notes) and resonator gives an extremely rich palette of overtones. The scarcity of keen-minded euphonious mood severity makes any melodiousness that was played, harmoniously. In addition, the glucophone emits a giant amount of booming ultrasonic radiation, which spiritually and physically charges the space. The joint exhibition last wishes as create a incomparable relationship among the participants of glucophony. Generous glucophones with a diameter of 30 cm, a thickness of brace is 3 mm, bass with a occult extensive sound. Includes sticks.
I invite you to visit my area: http://steel-tongue-drum.info

The glucophone is a conductor to the meditative grandeur of spontaneous improvisation. By way of this breach in everyday vim, we enter the rush and stitch to the originator, which allows us to take a fresh look at the terra in ourselves and ourselves in the creation, discover recondite resources and arouse intuition. ombining the melodic and pulsating principles of the playing, the petal drum makes the manage of mastering musical skills severe and fun.  And, thanks to the specific selection and structure of notes, unequivocally everyone can right now marry this get ready, and for this, you do not have occasion for to play a joke on distinguished knowledge. Entire lot happens by itself, as if by way of magic.
I invite you to stop in my area: http://steel-tongue-drum.info

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