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Author Topic: 5 Reasons You Shouldn't Buy The Latest "iPhone 12"  (Read 696 times)


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5 Reasons You Shouldn't Buy The Latest "iPhone 12"
« on: October 15, 2020, 06:36:51 AM »

It was launched with the iPhone 12, which comes in four models, but there are reasons why you shouldn't buy it. Especially those who hold the iPhone 11, let's go see the reasons.

All iPhone 12 models are still using a Lightning cable and most importantly, it is not a braided cable as rumored. And it was actually given to the Mac Pro 2019 in any way, which is reason enough to wait and see if the iPhone 13 will switch to USB-C, or maybe get a braided Lightning cable.

2. ProMotion soft screen 120 Hz is yet to come.
Still, the ProMotion 120 Hz screen that was already used with the iPad Pro has not been used with the iPhone 12, while the competitors are using the 120 Hz screen, making this point no different from the iPhone 11, and not the soft screen that makes the display black. Come out completely black

* 120 Hz is a display rate that makes it look smoother. Regardless of general use or playing games *, games, apps, content must also be supported in order to see results, but unfortunately at this point as well. Because especially this game will support a lot

3. Touch ID
The key point that people have been claiming is that "Touch ID" will return, although "Face ID" will improve when wearing masks. But still have problems Until it was found that using the old Touch ID is much more convenient, and its competitors have embedded fingerprints under the screen. Or put it in the back of the screen So that there are no problems with the screen that is full until the edge

4.The screen still has the same notch
While competitors do a full screen without a notch and bezel Or make the float so small that it looks harmonious, not taking up much space

5. No charger included.
This might not seem like a problem for older iPhone holders anyway. But if you don't use two It may make it a point that is not worth using. But in the future, if a new model comes out, it would be like this already. No more giveaway, but if anything else is improved, it will be at a disadvantage.
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