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Author Topic: Tips for having a safe trip on the water  (Read 30 times)


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Tips for having a safe trip on the water
« on: January 13, 2022, 01:59:33 PM »

Inflatable boat users need to follow certain rules and tips to have a safe ride on the water for a great loop boats for rent.
The water areas where they are used must be well known (lakes, canals, ponds, rivers, ponds)
You need to know if there are high currents on the water, or whirlpools along the river
The distance between boats, dams, pontoons must be respected
The life jacket should never be missing when sailing on the water with any boat (rowing or motor boat, raft or canoe), even in the summer season.
The load capacity of the boat must not be exceeded
It is not advisable to connect two boats together, as they are more difficult to maneuver in areas with water obstacles; when using a canoe, it may tip over due to an obstacle (bridge pillars or power).
Do not tie the pet to the boat leash
The state of the water must be limited, due to the fact that hypothermia can cause muscle spasms and blood circulation disorders (and this increases the risk of drowning).
Whenever traveling on rivers with high currents or other hazards, fishermen must be very good swimmers.

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