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Author Topic: You Should Know  (Read 253 times)


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You Should Know
« on: May 18, 2021, 12:11:34 PM »

In the wastelands of Fallout 76, la survival it will always be your main occupation. It will therefore be important to know how to defend yourself adequately, not only from enemies but also from much more subtle dangers: the diseases. Prevention is extremely useful, even if it is not a definitive measure. if you want more guides like this one you can go to the original post by Epictrick

The following actions are the most common methods that cause disease in the character.

To consume contaminated food or water
Eat raw meat
Rest or sleep on dirty mattresses or in general standing on the ground
Make contact with creatures that carry the symbol of "biological risk"
Switch in toxic or radioactive places, both on land and in water
A few precautions are enough to avoid most diseases:

Avoid sleeping unless you are somehow off the ground and on clean mattresses
Always cook food if possible, especially meat, and boil water before drinking
Try to wear gas masks and suits against biological risks when exploring the world
Acquire some Traits makes life easier. "Vaccinated"Increases resistance against infected creatures, while"Stomach of steel"And"Quench your thirst”Confer resistance to diseases caused by food and water respectively
In general, keeping the character with sufficient food and water levels increases disease resistance by 25%

The list of known diseases is given below.

Disease   Effect   duration
Bone worms   Damage to limbs taken increases by 50%   60 minutes
Dysentery   Increases thirst due to fluid loss   15 minutes
Fluorescent pustules   The blood that leaks from the wounds is radioactive   N/A
Parasites   Increase hunger   15 minutes
Radiation worms   Radiation damage taken is increased by 50%   60 minutes
Traumatic psychosis   Wounds reduce Action Points   N/A
Sludge length   Maximum Action Points reduced by 50
Action Point regeneration reduced by 50   60 minutes
Swamp itch   Maximum agility reduced by 2   30 minutes
plugged ears   Reduced perception by 2   N/A
Blight   N/A   N/A
waterborne   N/A   N/A
Dripping sores   N/A   N/A
Once a disease is contracted, it is necessary to cure it using antibiotics or specific treatments present in the game world. It should be specified that death does not cure disease, thus making them much more complex to remove.

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