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Title: Apple released some warnings and care for MagSafe you should know before using.
Post by: marila on October 27, 2020, 06:35:04 AM

In addition to the convenience of the MagSafe believe that many people want to use it quite a bit. But there is one point to think about, because if your case is a movie Charging time is usually slotxo ( marked on the case as seen above. Recently, users have informed Apple and at the same time a document has been released about the case.

Within Apple's documentation, the MagSafe charger is described as follows:


- It is not recommended to place the MagSafe with credit cards, security badges, passports or keys, as well as with RFID chips.

- Apple has said that if wireless charging, the device heats up to some The device will only charge 80%.

- If the MagSafe and Lightnung are plugged in simultaneously, the system will supply power from Lightning only

- The MagSafe Charger should always be cleaned by removing it from the Adapter and using a clean cloth around the ring with a clean cloth. Do not use house cleaners, windows, aerosols containing ammonia or Hydrogen Peroxide. We recommend that you moisten it with water and repeat it to dry. Because otherwise it may cause a mark.


However, using the iPhone 12's MagSafe will provide faster charging than the usual docking stations that were previously available. Before charging, be sure to remove the card case before charging, it is best.