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Author Topic: How to Properly Store the Tires on Disks?  (Read 1416 times)


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How to Properly Store the Tires on Disks?
« on: April 01, 2020, 08:02:20 AM »

The rules for storing rubber on disks are very different from when just tires are stored. Compliance with the requirements will significantly extend the life of the wheels.

A fairly large number of car owners have two sets of rubber on the wheels. After the next replacement, a fair question arises about the proper storage of the kit. The main requirements under such conditions is the horizontal position of the tires with wheels. If you store the kit vertically, then after a couple of months dents may appear on the tires, and their operation will no longer be possible.

A special danger is hangars with large racks - if you store rubber in such conditions, then the rack racks only increase the load. For proper storage of tires on disks, a special GOST R 54266 - 2010 is provided.

  According to paragraph 6.4, "the wheels must be in a horizontal position."

 It is also not recommended to store tires in the open air for more than one month - the effects of moisture, dust and especially ultraviolet radiation adversely affect rubber. For those who store a second set of tires at home, it is important to remember that they cannot be kept at a distance closer than 1 meter from heating appliances. Summing up, we can conclude that the most correct way to store tires is to hang them on a hook along the wall.

Next-generation Mercedes-Maybach S-Class luxury sedan spotted

Foreign publications published photos from tests of a full-size German sedan in an even more luxurious performance from Mercedes-Maybach. The novelty is likely to be shown next year.

 The German company confirms that the new generation of the full-size Mercedes S-Class sedan will debut before the end of the year, that is, a more luxurious performance of the model from the Maybach division will appear later.

  Judging by the captured prototype of the German novelty, the false radiator grille is the main differentiating factor that distinguishes the Maybach S-Class from the regular version of the new S-Class.

 Otherwise, the full-size performance of the Maybach premium division is very similar to the standard version of the sedan. The new S-Class has a generally sleek appearance that creates a minimalist aesthetic. The curved line of the roof does not seem to have such a coupe shape to affect the amount of space for passengers in the back. This is especially important for the Maybach car, because these expensive cars are bought by those who have a personal driver and who prefer to ride in the back seat.

 A monstrous V12 engine is likely to be under the hood. Some high-performance Mercedes hybrid engines are also likely to be available for the Maybach S-Class.

 The Maybach showroom should be one of the most luxurious on the market. Recent images show a digital dashboard and portrait display infotainment system screen. An advanced set of driver assistance technologies makes driving a large sedan easier.

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