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Author Topic: Instagram Advertising: Complete Launch Guide  (Read 86 times)


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Instagram Advertising: Complete Launch Guide
« on: June 03, 2020, 07:04:36 AM »

Want to attract hundreds of Instagram customers fast and cheap? Then you must master the correct (!) Principles of creating effective advertising.

Instagram has become a trend in internet marketing back in 2016. But the possibility of creating cool paid advertising within the service itself appeared later. Therefore, many entrepreneurs still do not use the full potential of the tool.

Learn how to create cool ads right now - and this social network will potentially become one of the main sources of traffic.

But for starters ...

Why you need to advertise on Instagram
1. Great coverage and good response
Last year, VKontakte made it possible to give direct advertisements to user feeds. But how effective is it? With the right approach, you can gather a certain audience, as, in principle, on Facebook. Just betting on it is not advisable.

Given the simplicity of the interface and the algorithms of the Instagram feed, here the number of interactions with the audience and the response is about 58 times more than on Facebook. Statistics output by Forrester.

Users are more likely to view ads and learn about the essence of ads. Make them unique to make your brand memorable. Through advertising on Instagram, you can express yourself to a wide audience.

2. Mobile traffic is cheaper
The social network was originally created for mobile platforms. Given the growing trend in the popularity of gadgets, we can conclude that there is definitely your target audience. And, perhaps, it is more than in desktop versions of social networks.

Statistics show that users from mobile platforms respond to advertising much more optimally. This means that the cost of the transition or the client itself will be lower for you. You spend 2 times less money and attract 3 times more buyers.

3. Promotion to the maximum target audience
This is a targeted form of advertising. The more clearly you highlight your audience, the higher the performance of your ads. Instagram allows you to find your potential customers among millions of users. If you don't know how to do it, you can take help from the experts.

Facebook algorithms are used here . If you are already promoting yourself on this social network, audience segmentation is greatly simplified and boils down to several hours of work.

Both theory and practice prove that Instagram is an ideal platform for any business. Skeptics say the era has passed, Instagram no longer brings so much traffic.

I do not argue…

If you use last year’s promotion methods, you should not expect any improvement in results. Need to keep up with the times.

We will analyze the current steps to create cool Instagram ads. But you have to touch on the basic things. I am sure that refreshing the memory will not hurt.

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