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Author Topic: What is "Whole Foods-Plant Base-Organic" and what is the difference?  (Read 254 times)


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Many times we go to buy food. Whether it is fresh food Or cooked food Well, you might have come across the terms whole food, plant-based, and organic, and you might be confused about the difference. Today, two doctors Aromdee, Dr. Chavaphonkit Hirankun (Dr. Art) and Dr. Orakamol Ingongngam (Mor Aom) from DOCTORVIP, have simple answers to listen to.
Whole Foods Whole Food is very little processed or modified food. Usually in the traditional natural appearance of such foods, such as brown rice, meat, vegetables and fruits that come in pieces that do not change their appearance, such as brown rice eaten with fried pumpkin with pork. As this is classified as wholefood, the advantage is that when the processed food is less, the vitamins and nutrients it receives will remain fully.
Plant-based plant based foods are foods that are primarily plant-based. Avoid meat, eggs and dairy products. (Although some people may still eat some meat, fish and eggs) highlights of this food group. Is eating a variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and complex carbohydrates such as salad, purple potato, quinoa, rice porridge, fruit, berries. Plant base food is becoming very popular nowadays. Because there is a lot of research supporting its benefits in terms of weight management Reduce inflammation of the body And also reduce the risk of diseases such as heart disease as well
Organic focuses on cultivation methods, non-chemical production, pesticides, antibiotics or hormones. To avoid the danger of contamination such as organic meats. Free from various vegetables and fruits That we often see when shopping for fresh things
When you see the difference, you will start to wonder what is really better, if it is the best, the food you eat should match all three food groups at the same time because
If we eat whole foods with an emphasis on meat. It may not have as much nutrients from fruits and vegetables as it should. Some people focus on eating red meat. It may be too much saturated fatty acids. xo168 Can negatively affect blood lipid levels If you eat plat base Is to focus on vegetables But lead to much processing such as rice or white bread Mashed potatoes then fried The fruit has been processed until concentrated and then diluted again. Can only produce flour and sugar By  losing vitamins and minerals
But if you eat Whole Food Plant Base that is full of chemicals Various pesticides Contaminated with hormones Is even more harmful to the body than good
Therefore, if you want to be extremely healthy, you should eat Whole Foods Plant Base, with the ingredients used to cook them organic.

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