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Author Topic: 12 techniques for eating buffet meals that don't hurt your health  (Read 61 times)


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Although I know that "buffet" is a form of food that is not very healthy. But when seeing the variety of food at a fixed price that looks worth the price Many of them accidentally went straight to the buffet restaurant. When I can't resist Let's learn the technique of having a buffet without harming your health.

12 techniques for eating buffet meals that don't hurt your health

1. In case of knowing in advance You may be eating less at each meal before going to a buffet for a day or 1-2 if you don't prepare yourself. But do not starve because of starvation Causing the body to reduce energy metabolism And more importantly, it will make you feel so hungry that you can not control yourself. If you are very hungry before you eat the buffet, you may have a fruit or a low-energy snack followed by water before going.

2. Walk or exercise 20-30 minutes increments about 5-7 days before (or after) eating a buffet.

3. Wear clothes that fit your body Do not wear elastic pants. Or wearing loose clothes Because it will make us eat until we are full

4. Choose to sit at the table far from the food line To increase energy consumption while walking to the food And sit back to the food line, because turning your eyes on the food line will make you want to go to the food Because he saw that someone was waiting to scoop the food

5. Explore all the buffet dishes placed. Both savory and sweet food To see the whole picture to plan in choosing to eat If we are full at other foods Just walked around and found a food that I really like We may force to eat until full.

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