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Author Topic: Be conscious before eating! Ergot drug for migraine risk of infection - amputati  (Read 109 times)


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Doctors have warned of Ergot drug for treating migraine sufferers. Dangerous if not to consult a doctor before eating Risk of infection, amputation of hands, limbs, may spread to other parts of the body And possibly even death
Prof. Teerawat Hemajuda, Director of Brain Disease Operation Center Chulalongkorn Hospital of the Thai Red Cross Society mentions Ergot or Ergotamine drug, or drug brand known as Cafergot in this morning's story list. The drug Ergot is very powerful and dangerous. But what you see in the drug store as usual, because if used properly will not be harmful. Only the patient after receiving the drug Ergot from a doctor. May go and buy it later Or the pharmacist may not be able to know the detailed history of the patient's treatment. Therefore selling this drug to patients
Ergot is dangerous when used with other drugs and used too much or for too long.
Ergot is an ancient drug that has been used in Thailand for at least 30-40 years. It is used to relieve acute pain in migraine sufferers. And according to the indications of the drug said Can be used up to 6-8 tablets per day, but Dr. Teerawat explains that Thai people would like to understand each other again. People who can consume that amount Must be really 100% normal body, that is, no disease. Or other disorders of the body to not have any side effects
Effects of the drug Ergot
Ergot has the effect of shrinking blood vessels. And deliver neurotransmitters to the brain To reduce headaches Because patients with migraine have more headaches than normal. Due to dilated blood vessels Still, people with migraine are more aware of their pain than others. That is, even though the blood vessels are enlarged evenly But in normal people who do not have migraine, they may experience less pain than migraine sufferers.
The dangers of the drug Ergot When used in conjunction with other drugs
Ya Ergot will add to the effects of other drugs. Intensifying other drugs, such as antidepressants Or medication to relieve Parkinson's symptoms If used in conjunction with the drug Ergot In fact, if the brain releases just the right amount of serotonin, Will help relieve tension Can relieve symptoms of depression) and cause symptoms such as agitation, depression, seizures, stiff muscles. Or even heart attack
On the other hand, other drugs used in combination with Ergot. Also makes the liver function deteriorating The liver removes less of Ergot from the body. Causing more and more ergot drugs to remain in the body (If used continuously for a long time)
In addition, Ergot has the effect of shrinking blood vessels. But it doesn't just shrink the blood vessels in the brain. Including the blood vessels of various organs Within the body, such as the heart, for slotxo example, when used with drugs that intensify the two drugs. Will cause some organs in the body to lack blood flow, such as limbs, pain, and if not receiving medication or treatment that causes blood vessels to expand promptly. It can cause the cells of that organ to die and have to amputate that part of the limb. Or if the blood vessels in the brain The coronary artery may also die.
The severity of symptoms depends on the amount of Ergot administered. And the work of each person's liver That it is effective in the excretion of Ergot drug from the body If the liver itself is not working well There is a lot of ergot medicine in the body. The severity and speed of this symptom will also increase.

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