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Author Topic: Rooftop takes the former lover back in time with a sad new music video.  (Read 310 times)


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Rooftop takes the former lover back in time with a sad new music video. "Did you miss me when?"

In the past, the Rooftop band, led by two charming young men of Spicydisc camp, Beep-Sirasan Hawijit (lead vocals) and Ko-Wasin Asawanarunat (guitar), have presented many love stories through their music. Most recently, they returned with a new single. "Did you miss me when?"

"Have You Missed Me Now?" Is a song that tells about a moment in which we think of someone with a good memory. And when it comes to being in the old atmosphere That used to be together makes old memories Has come back more clearly and made us think that the people we love will think like us.

In the music video section, the story is told through a pair of elderly characters. In the past, they were both lovers, but they had to split up. As the days go by, the two reunite on the day when the other party had a family, but the good feelings for each other continued to come into being in the MV.

In which Bib described the new single as "The beginning of writing this song came from one day when Pee, Tan Lipta (Thanon Liptaphanlop) arranged for the two of us to meet to compose a song. In which the place at that slotxo time was the rooftop In that atmosphere, everyone agreed that it was a time when everyone was thinking of someone. In the nostalgia that is full of good memories It is the origin of the song's transmission in the form of lonely slow-listeners. And I hope you all like our slow songs from Rooftop. "

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