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Author Topic: Everything You Need To Know For Transporting Your Bike through Train  (Read 1025 times)


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Looking for a long road trip on the Himalayas or to some other location? Shifting your bike for such adventurous trips might seem an option but you’ll definitely need some reliable  Bike carriers in Chandigarh to carry out that job. But wait what about the most dependable car carrier- Indian Railways. Very few people know about this but you can transport your bike in just few simple steps in a railway carriage.
So here are the steps involved as well as few tips for safely transporting your bike with rail authority.

Be prepared
Before transporting your bike, be ready with all your documents especially the important ones like registration certificate, Insurance documents, ID proof etc. Also take out excess accessories and empty the petrol tank before transporting the bike.
If you’re utilizing railway services for Bike Transportation in Chandigarh, one can transport his bike in two ways i.e.

1.   Parcel
2.   Luggage

How to transport bike in a train as a parcel?

If you’re sending your bike as a parcel you’ll need to follow these procedures:

•    Know about the arrival and departure time of the train in advance. Also know about the station from where you’ll parcel your bike
•   Visit the parcel counter of the railway station on the moving date and inquire about the charges along with date of arrival.
•   Submit the photocopy of your of your bike RC and your ID proof. Carry the originals too as it might be required for cross verification.
•   Once a full inspection of bike is done, it's important to pack the bike yourself or take help of the packing guys who’ll charge anything between 200-300 Rs and pack your bike in the best possible way.
•   Fill the parcel form and mention the details of receipt and address, bike engine and chassis number etc.

How to transport bike by train as a luggage?

If you’re taking your bike with you in that train itself then you need to follow the luggage method.

•   Reach the luggage office 2 hours before departure
•   You should have a valid train ticket
•   For validation carry your original RC papers and insurance papers along with your ID proof
•   Declare the value of your bike and pack it as per the regulations set by Indian railways
•   Once the necessary marking is done by railways and after they handover a copy of the papers-make sure that your bike is loaded in the same train in which you’re travelling.
•   After reaching your final station go to the luggage office and show your ticket along with papers to receive your bike.

Important things to keep in mind before transporting your bike with railways

•   Remember if you have a luxurious bike then it’s better to transport it with best Bike carriers in Chandigarh rather than railways
•   Before packing the bike, loosen up the clutch & brake and let them hang loose so that they survive the journey
•   Also do the same with handle bars so that they don’t bend in case of any impact.
•   While utilizing railway services for Bike Transportation in Chandigarh, use soft packaging material so that there no harm to the paint and there is no damage to the bike.


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Re: Everything You Need To Know For Transporting Your Bike through Train
« Reply #1 on: March 30, 2021, 10:06:00 AM »

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Re: Everything You Need To Know For Transporting Your Bike through Train
« Reply #2 on: April 07, 2021, 11:50:44 AM »

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